Mondo Well: An Exclusive Showcase of Top Integrative Doctors in NYC

New York City happens to be home to some of the most remarkable healers on the planet.

In fact, people come to see these physicians from around the world. It is somewhat of a trick to get on their schedule, and they don’t take insurance. So the patient is also responsible for the exorbitant fee these physicians demand, and still their calendar is full. With the growing popularity of free medicine, it’s something of a paradox that such a demand for fee-per-service medicine should enjoy such a renaissance.

But what makes these doctors so different is that they actually spend a generous amount of time with their patients. Forty-five minutes to two hours is not unusual. They take the time to investigate, to listen and to learn. And only when they get the entire picture will they make suggestions.

On Sunday, March 30, 2014 at the New York Hilton, Carol Alt will lead an all-star cast of some of the very finest integrative, wellness-oriented, anti-aging and prevention-minded physicians and authors from around Manhattan and New York.

Herself a cancer survivor, Carol Alt became one of the more passionate and beautiful voices for the most natural and least-invasive approaches to reversing chronic conditions, and laying the foundations for optimal well-being, lasting beauty, fabulous fitness and inspiring longevity from the inside out.

Named “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by Playboy magazine, this supermodel, bestselling author, actress, singer and host of A Healthy You with Carol Alt on the Fox News Channel, is also one of the most inspirational and well-versed motivational speakers in the arena of healthy living protocols.

The Mondo Well event will feature 20-minute highlights from a total of 16 of some of the finest healers in the New York area. It will also host companies that help support ongoing health through high-quality nutrition and supplements, bio-identical hormones, water filtration systems and many other resources not readily available, unless you know what you are looking for.

The following are some of the things these doctors look for: Are there toxins interfering with the normal functioning of your cells? Are there heavy metals affecting neurological and brain health? Are you vitamin or mineral deficient? Are you allergic to foods that are causing inflammation in your digestive system, resulting in malabsorption of important nutrients? Are low hormone levels affecting your ability to gain muscle and lose fat?

We hope you take the time to attend the Mondo Well event on March 30th at the New York Hilton, and perhaps you’ll get answers to some of these questions, and maybe even those you did not even think to ask.

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