Peace of Mind Consulting – Your Elite Confidant, 24 Hours a Day

Life is complex. Peace of mind is essential. Though you have masterfully succeeded in life, you may be in search of a close confidant who is there for you to:

  • Share personal and emotionally challenging life stories and issues
  • Talk to about your ups and downs with complete confidentiality
  • Engage in meaningful conversation driven by your unique needs
  • Offer words of encouragement and non-judgmental advise
  • Be there for you any time of the day or night

We are Elite Consulting, a singularly positive influence on your life. Each of our principals and skilled life consultants is a trusted, highly respected confidant, someone who brings a wealth of life and business skills, experiences and worldly perspectives to your exclusive, personal relationship.

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Exclusive Membership Packages:

Elite Ultra: 2 memberships available with co-founders at your service. Anytime 24/7

Elite Platinum: 1 of 5 exclusive memberships remaining at your service Monday – Saturday 10am to 8pm

Elite Gold: 3 of 5 exclusive memberships remaining at your service Monday – Friday 10am to 5pm

All packages include:

  • Covenient monthly invoice
  • Client privacy confidentiality agreement
  • Applicable for tax write off or deduction

Memberships are going quickly. Please email your contact details for a complimentary interview and fee schedule

Peace Of Mind Consulting
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