Sharing Space with Holistic Medium & Master Practitioner Cathleen Miller

As more alternative therapies continually wave into mainstream, there are increasingly unique options to support preventative health in new holistic ways.

Cathleen Miller is a master level practitioner, born gifted intuitive medium, with 17 years of professional alternative therapy certification training. Today she works as an internationally recognized, successful holistic therapy practitioner.

One of the most common questions Cathleen receives from her diverse range of clients (including next door moms, professional athletes, and well known celebrity clients) is what happens when you work with a client?

The answer is not simple. Since no two clients are alike, what happens often depends on each person’s mental, emotional and physical cellular health and beliefs. These all factor into to what can transpire in a session. For some, it’s a relaxed conversation to counsel and receive intuitive clarity for life issues. For others in pain or advanced stages of cancer, a session may include a combination of energetic clearing, holistic counseling and deeper belief work that is appropriate according to their needs. Other clients are in great health and are seeking to develop more of their intuitive or soul potential.

Cathleen often uses the simple analogy of not understanding every wire and code adjusted when you take your computer to the mac store. You are just happy it works faster and the viruses are gone. Her advanced abilities to see and direct electrical and magnetic energies clears cellular and emotional blockages, improves physical and mental energies. For many clients, medical diagnostics have improved in a huge range of health issues including tumor reduction, viable pregnancy after many IVF attempts and normal healthy cell counts. Others experience emotional healing from trauma or long term stress that can have detrimental effects on the body, mind and spirit.

More often than not, sessions are distance with clients she has never met in person. Her extraordinary gifts include seeing several layers of visuals simultaneously, connecting to potential timelines for clients, as well as hearing, feeling, knowing and translating non-physical information into practical, useful conscious awareness that is relevant and useful. Her focus is to shift and balance each client in order to achieve their highest level of health, happiness and wellbeing possible.

In addition to a full time private practice, Cathleen is also a conscious lifestyle expert on many forums including Holistic Authority in Miami FL where she is the keynote speaker this July at the West Palm Beach, FL Holistic Globe Expo. She is also a featured lifestyle expert at where she has published many articles and just finished filming in NYC on a recent national relationship expert panel with the well-known Anthropologist, Helen Fisher.

One of Cathleen’s greatest passions is creating and leading group retreats internationally, which allow clients an immersion transformation experience. This allows participants to create exciting personal change to progress towards their individual health, personal and professional goals. Testimonials from these events have reported life changing experiences and inspiration. Some have met soul friends and lovers on these events, while others have had profound personal healing. Now leading these events close to ten years, Cathleen is as inspired as ever to keep surfing the edge of conscious potential while joyfully guiding others to do the same.

Appointments & VIP Events Available Internationally with Cathleen Miller
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