Thoughts Become Things: How Thoughts Can Become Tangible Realities

Thoughts Become Things: How Thoughts Can Become Tangible Realities

Every individual, regardless of age, gender or culture, lives moment by moment with a unique set of priorities or values — things that are most to least important to them in their lives. Whatever this set or hierarchy of values is determines their destiny, because it determines how and what they perceive, efficiently decide, persistently take action upon and inwardly most think about. Every decision they make is based upon what they perceive will give them the greatest advantage over disadvantage, gain over loss, or benefit over drawback at every moment in time. They also filter their reality according to what they value most. The pulvinar nuclei in the subcortical thalamic portion of their brain acts as a filtering or gating center for specific perceptions to prevent them from being overwhelmed and distracted by the vast barrage of external stimuli they face from their outer environment and the actions they decide to take.

A young woman and mother, for instance, with three young children whose highest value is her children, will spot anything in the shopping mall that will give her an advantage over a disadvantage of providing for her most precious children. A young man and entrepreneur with a new business venture whose highest value is his business, will spot anything in that same mall that will give him an advantage over disadvantage providing for his inspiring new company. They will both spot valuable items and make purchasing decisions more rapidly and stick to them and take the essential actions required to fulfill what they value most. For anything that is lower on their list of values, they will experience a sort of attention deficit disorder leading to procrastination, hesitation and frustration as a feedback mechanism just to get them to return to their highest priority where they are most creative and productive. If they do not fill their days with higher-priority actions, their days fill up with low-priority distractions. Whatever their highest value is, their thoughts, life and identity will therefore more probably revolve around it.

Whatever is highest on their list of values they will spontaneously take action on and they will be disciplined, reliable and focused on fulfilling it. Just like a young boy who loves his video games will reliably be playing his games. Whatever is lower on their list of values, they will require repeated extrinsic motivation (punishment if they don’t, and reward if they do) to get them to take action and they will procrastinate, hesitate and frustrate trying to fulfill it. Just like a young boy who does not love his chores, homework or room cleaning will be unreliable and forgetful about getting them done. He just doesn’t want to think about them.

Whatever is highest on their list of values, they will also spontaneously think about, and it will dominate their thoughts within their brain/mind. Their thoughts will therefore reflect their hierarchy of values. Whatever is highest on their values, they will spontaneously and reliably think about, and whatever is lower on their list of values they will procrastinate and hesitate thinking about. Because their thoughts reflect their attentions (what they perceive) and their intentions (what they act upon and toward) their thoughts will determine their perceptions, decisions and actions which will, in turn, dictate their direction, destination or destiny.

Identifying what is truly highest on their list of values is therefore essential and wise, and setting objectives that are congruent to it, or to the top three highest values, is paramount for them to obtain their greatest achievements and fulfillment. Their inner most dominant thoughts become more spontaneously manifested into reality when they are most congruent.

In addition to the relationship between their thoughts and their hierarchy of values, some individuals have also noticed times when they have thought about some individual and then within a relatively short period of time, this contemplated individual suddenly appears, communicates or is run into mysteriously and in some cases almost synchronously. It happens too frequently for them to ignore such synchronicities, but not frequently enough to bet large sums of money on them. It is in a grey zone of probability.

Over a certain period of time during the 1980s, 1,000 doctors experimented with the power of their thoughts by focusing on 50 of their inactive patient files, those patients unseen for more than six months, and 20 percent of these contemplated patients (10) mysteriously showed back up in their practices within one week. Synchronicities of running into individuals publicly or receiving calls or emails or some form of direct or indirect communication from them when they were previously thought about, often exceed random and predictable probabilities.

There appears to be a rational reason why individual thoughts become things and outer realities as described initially above, but there also appears to be a more subtle, yet-to-be-fully-explained mechanism responsible. Why individuals think about other individuals or things and they then come into their awareness and/or reality, is similar to two strings on a musical instrument with resonant frequencies attuning to each other.

Individuals have little to lose by concentrating their thoughts on what is truly valuable and meaningful and that inspires them most. Michael Phelps was noted for his mastery of focusing and thinking about his swimming perfectly and this impacted his reception of 22 gold medals. What does an individual lose by focusing their thoughts on what they would love to bring into reality and highly value most when their thoughts can become things?

Your highest value-initiated thoughts are your most creative and original and are the source of your inner genius. And your inner genius is forever yearning to manifest your most original service-oriented ideas that solve the greatest problems and make the greatest difference.

When you inwardly receive inspiring and illuminating ideas from your innermost authentic being or essential self or soul, they become thoughts, pictures and words in your bi-hemispheric brain and feelings of love in your heart. If you write or type these thoughts, visions, callings and feelings down on paper or in a computer in detail, put space and time frames on their accomplishments and spend time thinking, visualizing and affirming them, you will feel more called into action with an inspiring and vital energy with which you can ‘create,’ manifest, or transform them into your tangible reality. If you don’t put a limit on the transformable material substance available to you, and have the thankfulness for whatever comes your way and see whatever emerges to be on the way and not in the way and you feel worthy or deserving because of your congruency, you will powerfully manifest them on Earth.

It is wise to frequently think about what you would love.

If you would love to achieve a great and inspiring undertaking, it is vital that you concentrate your thoughts on what you would love and intend to do. You will move in the direction of your innermost dominant thought. Since thought is constantly emphasizing something, it is wise to concentrate on your higher-valued flowers, not your lower-valued weeds. Your flowers are those inspiring ideas and thoughts you would love to bring into reality that align with your highest value, life mission or primary purpose. Your weeds are the tangential thoughts or lower priority impulses, obstacles or distractions – generally originating from outer authorities or opportunists. When your primary purpose and most inspiring goals are truly aligned with your highest value, you will automatically and consistently think about them. Your inner most dominant thought will be a reflection of your highest value and will determine your inspired destiny.

If you require reminding to think about what you say you love, what you say you love is not what you love and is not what is truly highest on your list of values. Your highest value spontaneously emerges from within and requires no outside motivation, reminding or incentives to get you to think about it. When you are grateful and your mind is attuned to your highest value or essential self or soul, the only ideas that rise up and flash into your mind are those of flowers. Gratefulness sharpens your concentration on these flowers. When you are present, your mind becomes clear and focused on what you love, and you become a great formula leader and alchemist who can transform and manifest.

What you think and thank about, you bring about!
Think and thank about what you would truly love daily!

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