The 1066 Piano Collection | Magnificent Traditional Masterpieces

A selection of outstandingly beautiful instruments exhibiting meticulous craftsmanship whether intricate marquetry inlay, exquisite hand painted decorations, fine examples of period case styles or the totally bizarre one-off pieces.

Bespoke, contemporary beauties

Inspirational contemporary and ultra contemporary designs from the unltd.™design studios. Going from tasteful and subtle to very extrovert there are designs to suit all tastes, and why not go bespoke? Have your piano as you want it? Exactly as you want it?

Do you live outside the box?

Not everyone’s the same, in fact everybody’s different; there are people who like to think outside the box, they don’t like having their ideas limited by preconceived notions… they like to be unrestricted… unlimited.

If you are one of these special people you will want to go ‘totally unltd.™’

Contact the unltd.™ design team, tell them your dream they will have an answer, ‘paint’ them your picture they will put it in the frame; they supply inspiration fired by your aspiration and specialise in supplying the impossible, the possible and the regular – plus anything else you may want: in fact the only restriction is your imagination and perhaps the law of gravity.

Imagine you were running your own piano company.

An impossible dream? Not quite. Visit

Now you can configure your own piano… you can take over control of the 1066 Pianos design studio and the entire 1066 Pianos factory is at your disposal: world-class craftsmen, acousticians, trimmers, electronics experts and fitters all channelling their unique skills and expertise into creating your piano, however you like it… When finished, the studio estimators will price your dream for you — if this is okay then place your order: your dream is about to come real.


Taking piano design to another level.

It’s not so much about the piano, more the sculpture it’s inside of. Each one unique, sometimes one of a limited production batch, other times a one-off bespoke dream, and – like the famous Fabergé eggs – each one has a surprise inside… in this case a hand built acoustic piano. For contractual reasons images of these works of art cannot be included in this article, so please contact 1066 Pianos directly for details and images.

About 1066 Pianos

1066 Pianos are a family business based in Cambridge UK; they have been supplying the world’s finest pianos to discerning international clients for more than three generations. The dedicated master craftsmen in their workshops produce today what will be the treasured heirlooms of the future.

How can you describe a piano from The 1066 Piano Collection?

Engineered to be exceptional.

From initial concept through to their execution, a 1066 piano is designed to be truly exceptional. In the 1066 Workshops irreplaceable, time-proven experience combines with computer-aided design (CAD) to dramatic effect. True craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art design processes, and finely-honed cutting edges meet the very latest in laser technology. In brief: the wealth of our great piano heritage combines with 21st century innovation to produce the very finest pianos in the world.

Finely attuned to perform.

The master technicians fulfil the original designer’s vision with their outstanding ability, experience and technical knowledge that enable the impressive dynamic response for which a 1066 piano has become internationally renowned. They are the magicians of the 1066 Workshops, who combine their many years of sound expertise with the application of scientific principles to truly exceptional effect.

Exquisitely tailored.

As with a bespoke tailored suit, your piano should be a ‘perfect fit’ for you — and you alone. It should proverbially fuse with your fingers, becoming a part of you. Responding with fine alacrity to your every whim.

Likewise the piano should be able to express you — through the roar of thunder, or a light expression of joy and laughter — the piano should express your thoughts precisely as you want them heard.

This is what is so uniquely special about a 1066 piano. It is made especially for you.

Pianos. As You Want Them.

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