How to Gain Distance & Stop Your Golf Swing From Damaging Your Body


Nothing ruins your day on the golf course like a sharp pain in your spine or nagging lower back pain that makes every bump in the cart feel like a 9.5 magnitude earthquake.

As enjoyable as the game of golf can be, it’s no fun when you hurt.

That’s why Dr. Jeremy James, an Aspen, Colorado-based chiropractor, sports conditioning specialist and co-author of the Younger Next Year Back Book, partnered with a leading authority in sports exercise, Bill Fabrocini, and fellow Aspen resident and 12-time PGA Tour winner, Justin Leonard, to offer a first-of-its-kind digital program that helps golfers safely alleviate back, neck and shoulder issues to play pain-free golf for years to come.

GolfForever, a subscription-based program that’s easy-to-follow on any desktop, tablet or mobile device, provides short, customized video routines stemming from a comprehensive self-assessment every member completes upon sign-up. It’s a pioneer bridging the burgeoning industry of digital health with connected fitness, and it promises to deliver golfers a simple, non-intimidating resource for any golf-related fitness goals or concerns.

Do you have pain in the lower back, upper back, neck, shoulder or elbow? Are you pain free, yet aspire to gain distance and play well into the later years of your life? Are you a serious or competitive golfer aiming to fine-tune your body and perform your best?

No matter your ambitions, GolfForever has you covered. The program is a holistic system emanating from the success James saw in his personal practice over the past decade.

“I implemented a method with patients to build strength across their entire body through targeted exercises done the right way in the right sequence, and the results are consistently far more effective than traditional methods,” says James of his clinic that regularly saw CEOs and top-tier athletes travel from far and wide seeking his assistance. “I realized I could recreate the same, carefully-calculated infrastructure in a digital capacity that, when followed correctly, is nearly as effective as seeing me in person but for a small fraction of the cost.”

In an environment where health care expenses are rising and subscription-based models are increasingly popular – especially considering adjacent models like Peloton, Asana Rebel and Aaptiv – the future is very bright for GolfForever and its sister program focused on back health, BackForever.

Still, James knows even the best ideas take a solid plan and great supporting team to make it. That’s why he approached Leonard, who now spends the bulk of his time at PGA Tour events in the announcer’s booth, about partnering to create a comprehensive program that can help every golfer optimize their body for golf.

“The ability to have someone like Justin, who’s played golf at the highest level and lives the healthy, active lifestyle we preach, is an incredible asset to our company,” explains James. “I’ve worked closely with countless golfers whose games have been transformed from my program, but Justin’s knowledge of golf is vital to forge a product that’s truly designed to help anyone feel their best and play their best.”

Along with specific golf exercise routines given to each member based on their self-assessment, James and Leonard created practical applications of the program that can be done at the golf course before you get to the first tee.

In addition to the “Pre-Round Warmups” and “My Program” exercises that can be done with or without exercise equipment at home and in the gym, Leonard hosts an ongoing course management series that taps into the former major champion’s cerebral on-course approach that led to a storied PGA Tour career and Ryder Cup infamy.

With its solid foundation in place, James and his growing team worked tirelessly in 2019 to mature the GolfForever brand with a new website, app and member portal that houses over 300 hundred videos which are easily viewed on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. It’s a textbook example of today’s understanding that content is king – but don’t mistake GolfForever for any old content. James says it’s his education-first approach setting the brand apart from anything out there today.

“I started this company because I was frustrated with all of the poor information out there, which can often make things worse for people who want to get stronger or are in pain and just want to feel better,” says James. “When you watch our videos and follow our program, it becomes clear that doing the exercises properly, consistently and in the right order makes all the difference in the world.”

Leonard, who escaped pain and injury for the vast majority of his 24-year PGA Tour career, aligns with James’ approach.

“I’ve been lucky to access some of the best trainers and physical therapists in the world during my career, and one of the aspects of GolfForever I’m most excited about is that we’re able to bring similar capabilities to a structured environment through a low-cost digital offering,” explains Leonard.

GolfForever’s uniqueness aside, James knows his company will still have to win over the golfing public to make an impact in a sport typically resistant to change.

“We know it may take time for the average golfer, especially those averse to exercising on a consistent basis, to understand our program doesn’t require a change in lifestyle but only a commitment to doing simple exercises a few days a week,” James asserts. “We’re not like Peloton or other high-energy, potentially-intimidating programs in this regard, and our biggest advantage is it doesn’t take long to see the benefits of very basic changes being made. At the end of the day, people are getting stronger, hitting the ball longer and feeling better overall. It just plain works.”

In a sport dominated by drivers promising 20 more yards, “miracle” training aids and other gimmicky products, GolfForever sticks to a simple premise that it helps you improve the most important piece of equipment you own – your body. A refreshing change every golfer should explore.

GolfForever can be purchased online at and through the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information, contact GolfForever at 1-888-402-0850 or [email protected].