True Bespoke Audio

Len Daví is set to launch his own luxury line of headphones, nearly a decade and a half after helping Beats By Dre become a household brand.

From airport runways to the narrow walkways at high-end fashion shows, headphone manufacturers, in the last four decades, have pioneered new ways to transform what was once considered an audio accessory into a modern necessity. Corporations like Apple and Skullcandy spearheaded the renaissance during the early 2000s. Near the turn of the decade, a partnership by Monster Inc. and Beats By Dre ushered in an infrastructural revolution that would forever change the landscape of the headphones market using advanced gadgetry, stylish color schemes, and a never-before-seen campaign that highlighted the new gear with product placement in the music videos by the most popular recording artists (Eminem, Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, etc.) at Jimmy Lovine’s music label, Interscope Records. Enter Len Daví. The seasoned enterpriser from Central Florida served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at Monster Inc. from 2008 to 2010. A pivotal timespan that saw earphones and headphones become the hottest tech trend on the planet. Today, Beats Electronics (formerly known as Beats By Dre) are the second-most used headphones in the United States. The enduring factoid stems from remnants of Len Daví’s groundbreaking work with the company nearly one decade prior.

Approximately four years after Len Daví helped launch the fashionable noise-cancelling headphones, the brand generated a revenue of $1 billion. Subsequently, Beats by Dre was purchased by Apple. With consumer demand at an all-time high, Len Daví traversed the upmarket and established DAVÍ Audio. Upon launching the new cooperation, he labeled his high-tech inventory “the first true luxury personal audio brand.” At the cornerstone of the company’s catalog are the soon-to-be-released DAVÍ Headphones. The multidimensional over-ear device features an elegant aesthetic by an Italian-based company called Italdesign and military-grade noise-canceling technology. Other intricacies include Bluetooth mechanics to circulate audio signals, tweeters to generate a higher frequency, an analog audio input, and a USB-C input for data (and to power the device). Components such as these cater to their targeted luxury consumer base. The product’s attributes will also give steady buyers a sense of familiarity that began when the market surged—with a twist and several upgrades.   During an exclusive interview with Jetset Magazine, the Founder/CEO recently shared what distinguishes his new vision from the audio technology that once helped put him on the map.

“Beats by Dre and Bose are perfectly good mainstream products, [but] DAVÌ exists in a category of its very own,” Len Daví said. “At DAVÌ, we are delivering world-class performance that can and will be sought after by film, audio, and recording engineers, but we have a much wider audience. Anyone that is in search of exquisite craftsmanship, stunning design, advanced ergonomics, and comfort, along with an incredibly immersive audio experience will want to own DAVÌ. As a true luxury brand, DAVÌ offers fully custom-made creations for those who desire the headphones to align with their personal aesthetic preferences or blend seamlessly with the opulent surroundings of a private jet, mega yacht, or luxury residence.”

According to reports, the global headphones market was valued at nearly $60 billion in 2022, and the annual growth rate is projected to elevate the revenue beyond the $180 billion threshold by 2032. DAVÍ Headphones will officially enter the high-end consumer space in the latter part of the Summer (or early Fall) with a base price of $27,000. Their inaugural merchandise drop will commence during a commercial brand war between established empires such as Sennheiser and Focal, which currently boast the two most expensive headphones on the market. Much like the aforementioned leading brands of the sector, Len Daví’s new listening device will showcase state-of-the-art technology, elite craftsmanship and, deluxe collaborations.

“DAVÌ headphones transcend into the realm of art– they are as much engineering marvels as they are works of art,” Daví said. “We have pushed the boundaries of possibility, inventing new technologies where none existed and creating innovative acoustic solutions where others fell short, with no compromises allowed. From the exotic space-age materials, and the “Swiss watch-like” mechanical complexity, to the technological sophistication, there is no equal. DAVÌ boasts high-precision proprietary transducers made in our advanced facility, along with cutting-edge microelectronics.  DAVÌ also provides a stunning custom-made travel case to complement our headphone(s).”

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