On the Watch List: Breitling’s Limited Edition Chronoliner B04

Heir to Breitling’s long-time success of the original flight captain’s watch, the limited edition Chronoliner B04 is now being offered in a distinct red gold case to compliment it’s already striking appearance. Manufactured by Breitling as variation of the caliber B01, the latest Chronoliner features the renowned automatic B04 movement with a 70-hour power reserve as well as a revolutionary time zone system that allows for multiple 24-hour scale referencing. Local time is easily set by a simple turn of the crown, while the red-tipped hand of the watch allows for quick access to current home time for those on the go. Additionally, a third time zone is available via the ceramic rotating bezel for pilots and aviation professionals who need another alternative 24-hour scale.

Originally designed with a 46mm steel case, the Chronoliner B04’s individually numbered screw-down back is capable of a dive depth of up to one hundred meters, thus allowing for both form and function while it’s stunning appeal consistently captures looks of admiration from timepiece connoisseurs and jewelry aficionados alike. And with only 250 units available to purchase, the clock is ticking on availability.


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