Pop Culture Collection: High-End Horology Meets Fan Driven Art

Drawing from the cherished childhood memories of countless consumers, Kross Studio has crafted some of the most unique and valuable timepieces available to purchase anywhere in the world. Each of these immersive art objects transcends categorization, blending the worlds of fine art, pop culture, and high watchmaking. Whether looking to give a memorable gift this holiday season, or just add to your own private collection, these pieces by Kross are must-haves for anyone who values highly exclusive and unique pieces of master craftsmanship.

Death Star Ultimate Collector Set

In collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., Kross Studio has created an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Star Wars cinematic history. With only 10 of these sets ever scheduled to hit the market, this richly detailed and interactive timepiece comes in the form of a Death Star-inspired wristwatch. The epitome of Swiss craftsmanship, the watch itself contains 281 separate components, and serves as the ultimate salute to the evil Galactic Empire. The watch’s hour hand is represented by an Imperial-Class Destroyer, while the minute hand appears as a Super-Class Star Destroyer. At its center, the captivating Tourbillon cage appears as the Death Star itself and makes one full rotation every 60 seconds.

The watch is stored in an ultra–durable recreation of the orange military crates used by the empire, which also holds two additional watch bands and an authentic, screen-used kyber crystal movie prop from the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With a price tag of $150,000, the Death Star Ultimate Collector Set is one of the most coveted and extravagant pieces of Star Wars memorabilia ever made.

Batmobile Desk Clock

For the most dedicated DC Universe fans, Kross Studio presents this limited-edition clock in the form of Tim Burton’s iconic Batmobile from the 1989 film Batman. This state-of-the-art timepiece contains 512 individual components, compared to the average 130 components usually found in clocks of this kind and is a marvel of both horological and aesthetic craftsmanship. The bodywork is made of a black aluminum composite with aeronautical-grade scratch protection, while the vehicle’s smoked windows allow a view inside to glimpse the clock’s movements and inner-workings. Perhaps the piece’s most stunning visual aspect is also its most technologically impressive, with an ultra-precise 3 rotation-per-second vertical regulator highlighted through the Batmobile’s front turbine.

Each car comes with a satin-finished steel “bat key” that allows users to manually wind the clock, while a 30-day power reserve ensures the clock will keep running independently for up to a month at a time. With a price tag of $29,000 and only 100 total units available, the time is now to purchase this iconic piece of comic book and cinematic history.

Space Jam Collector Set

Inspired by the recent Lebron James reboot of the classic family film starring Michael Jordan, this Space Jam inspired wristwatch is the perfect combination of luxury, fashion, and nostalgia. Aesthetically, the watch manages to be visually stunning while still maintaining the youthful zaniness of the Loony Tunes. The toons themselves are featured prominently on the watch, with 13 fan favorites like Tweety Bird, Marvin the Martian, Elmer Fudd, Taz, and of course Bugs Bunny, engraved around the central watch face. A 45mm titanium case with a gorgeous sapphire crystal dome keeps the watch’s intricacies safe, while also demonstrating the piece’s ornate value. Other aspects of the watch serve as marvels of functionality, such as the ingenious d-ring crown system that ensures design symmetry and makes for a more comfortable wearing experience.

The watch’s case comes in the form of an interactive basketball sculpture that doubles as a functional art piece. 11 wooden layers affixed to a central aluminum pillar rotate to create a mesmerizing effect, opening to reveal the watch stored in the heart of the structure. The case also houses two interchangeable watch bands, one made of blue calfskin leather, and the other a basketball-orange laser-abraded rubber, which help ensure the watch is the perfect accessory for any outfit or event. With only 10 collector sets available at $100,000 each, these timepieces are a fun-loving embodiment of the precision and style of the basketball world.


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