Jeweler Scott Kay Launches New SK66 Showroom

Scott Kay has been on the forefront of the jewelry industry for over 30 years.

His name resonates as the most respected bridal jewelry designer of his day. From popular men’s and ladies sterling silver designs to dressing Hollywood celebrities, award-winning Scott Kay was credited for resurrecting Platinum jewelry, relaunching Palladium, and has created revolutionary metals such as SKCobalt/BioBlu 27. Even with all those accolades and accomplishments, Scott Kay is about to launch one of his most daring inventions to date – SK66, which is part private art gallery and part his soul. It is the continuation of Scott Kay’s creativity and talent. The Carat Diet was lucky to capture the first details and inspiration for the designer’s new vision right before the launch.

What was your inspiration for wanting to open a private showroom of this nature?

As someone who is not easily intrigued, I feel the same way for others. People always talk about creating a shopping experience but I honestly have never seen one. My jewelry is sculpture and is meant to speak to you or for you. It must be embellished by other artifacts that reflect the same.

I have always sold to other jewelry stores (that then sell to the public) but I have just gotten simply tired on how “watered down” my designs look and are not represented properly. We are not in the electronics or automotive business, jewelry is part of the arts and we must take the past forward with us.

The privacy is because SK66 is “so over the top” it is meant for people that have a appreciation for all the natural items I turn into wearable art. SK66 is my DNA, my space. It’s simply that special. Just like your home — people just can’t walk in, they are invited – this is my home of art.

Tell us about some of the more interesting elements that were sourced?

Without giving to much away, how would you like to see a sword made from a human leg femur bone? That sounds gross, but really isn’t. The space is outfitted You just have to see it to believe it. There is a approximately a 50,000 year old stalagmite that is frozen lime stone water, so old it formed into solid rock and think of all the things in-between. That what the jewelry is surrounded by or merchandised with.

Do you feel this will add an exclusivity to your already successful business?

I only care that it adds self fulfillment. My desire is to grow as a artist and visionary. When the objective is business, it will always interfere with a vibe or a vision out of the soul. To envision the sense of awe you must be free of anything commercial.

Is this something that you think we will be seeing more of in the industry?

I do not think so, unfortunately. I will always welcome anyone in the industry to share this vision with. First you have to have a certain eye, be a little off tilt and believe. It all starts with a passion to find and explore all over the world. The likelihood of this happening is pretty much zero. Some customers complain about a 20 minute car ride from Manhattan but when they see what is here their jaws drop. On the other hand, a very large retailer asked me to help build two SK66s in his stores.

How do your clients or fans become a member of the showroom?

Most of the time it is from a referral. We do not make it hard just ask a few questions on a form and we meet every two or four weeks and decide. It is not by wealth or status. Interested future members should visit

The first and foremost requirement is are they a nice person. If not, go away. I am 55 and I have no room for negativity in my life and wish to invite those that truly appreciate the arts.

Lastly, I want to thank my beautiful wife Regina for putting her spirit, energy and creativity into SK66 and supporting me in the space. She allows me to get lost into my own imagination.

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