Shine On: Styling Gold Jewelry to Fit Your Outfit’s Aesthetic

Shine On: Styling Gold Jewelry to Fit Your Outfit’s Aesthetic

Gold jewelry never goes out of style—it’s been at the forefront of luxury style for thousands of years. Most outfits could benefit from implementing gold jewelry, but how do you choose which gold pieces to pair with each outfit? Whether you’re headed to brunch or the boardroom, you should know how to style gold jewelry to fit your outfit’s aesthetic.

If you aren’t properly styling your luxury gold jewelry with your outfits, you’re missing out on elevating your look to its fullest potential. Here’s how to style your gold jewelry to make the most of every ensemble:

Upscale Your Look – Delicate Gold Rings

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing Balmain, Gucci, or Chanel—adding delicate gold rings to any look will make it appear more upscale. If you’d prefer minimal accessorizing, you could opt for a standalone ring like Balmain’s Labyrinth Frieze ring. This stunning gold ring is subtle without completely flying under the radar; the design is definitely something to be admired.

On the other hand (pun intended), stackable rings are the trendiest way to wear gold rings right now. Here are a few tips that will help you stack your gold rings to create a cohesive, upscale look:

Mix and match: Feel free to mix different types of jewelry. Stacked jewelry looks fantastic when paired with white gold, gold, and silver pieces. Have fun accessorizing and playing with it!

Be intentional: You could stack rings on every finger, but it doesn’t look intentional and curated. The best way to upscale your look with gold rings is to be purposeful! Being intentional may help you realize that it doesn’t look good when every finger is stacked with rings. You’ll also notice that chunky bracelets and necklaces don’t typically pair well with stacked rings!

Trial and error: You should play with different colors, shapes, and styles to find what works for you. You’ll notice what works for you after experimenting with your ring collection.

Make it Classic – Dainty Gold Necklace with a Pendant


Don’t get us wrong—stacking rings can be fun and create stunning looks. That doesn’t mean stacked rings should be used for every outfit! When you’d like your outfit to have a more classic aesthetic, you should consider wearing a dainty gold necklace with a pendant. These types of necklaces have been around forever; they highlight the collarbone and look cohesive with nearly any type of outfit. You could also consider gold stud earrings for a classic earring option!

Modernize Your Look – Cuff Bracelet

Gold jewelry is incredibly versatile. You might own one piece that complements a classic aesthetic and another that helps create a cutting-edge look. If you’re looking to be on the cusp of evolving trends, you could opt to wear a gold cuff bracelet to modernize your look completely. Gold cuff bracelets are the perfect go-to when you’re rushed in the morning and want to immediately make your outfit modern and stylish.

If you haven’t invested in luxury gold jewelry yet, you should consider adding some to your collection. These pieces will become your wardrobe staples—you may even find yourself assembling outfits around the jewelry!