TAG Heuer Link Lady Diamond Star

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Link Lady Diamond Star

TAG Heuer Link Lady Diamond Star – No fascinating concept watches from sports-and-speed specialists TAG Heuer but the brand did introduce a new vision for its women’s watches.

Instead of simply going with scaled-down models, with diamonds and a white strap, the brand has made it a point to create a special collection with its own trademark characteristics. Obviously, the Link Lady trades in TAG Heuer’s very distinctive bracelet but it also has an innovative approach to both form and function. The automatic model in particular deserves mention for the way it brings femininity to the mechanics of the caliber in the form of an attention-grabbing visual flourish. The entire movement is within the central part of the watch, appearing to be suspended in sapphire crystal. The rotor provides the visual flourish, being larger than the movement proper and designed to look like a shower of shooting stars.

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