The Perfect Blend: Brown Safe Mixes Style, Security, and Craftsmanship

What do foreign dignitaries, the US military, movie stars, CEOs of fortune 500 companies and rock stars all have in common? Each enjoys the same distinction as Brown Safe and Vault door owners.

There is good reason that the affluent flock to Brown Safe to have them create a custom showpiece safe that is as capable as a military armory at protecting their valuables. Every part of the safe is made or finished by an expert in their field, cabinets made by local artisan carpenters, paint finishes meticulously laid on by custom auto body paint experts, seamstresses meticulously stitch leather and fine fabrics.  When it comes to providing what the rich, famous and powerful desire Brown Safe has no peers.

When one reaches a certain level of success there are purchases which seem to reaffirm that success and signal to the world that you have made it. A fine automobile or a work of art fit the bill, but for those who have already purchased the ordinary trappings of success, we know that we also need to invest in the protection and preservation of wealth. Brown Safe is one of those companies that is just as interested in helping you showcase your affinity for fine things as it is in protecting them.

Success also attracts those who would want to take that wealth and steps must be taken to ensure that assets are protected, and legacies continue. Let’s face it security can be at best boring, and when poorly executed a distraction, hassle, and interference. This is where Brown Safe comes in. They strive to provide real day to day wealth protection while doing it with style, refinement, and artistic flare

Nestled in southern California, Brown Safe’s beginnings were set by the singular and determined ethics of one man. Fred Brown, a two-tour Vietnam vet, settled back into civilian life with an idea, and an Engineering Degree, to build the toughest safes on the face of the planet. “I’ve been building safes for the Military, government installations, and special projects for over 37 years. During my two terms in Vietnam, I became proficient in fortification. After the war, fortification became my obsession. I earned my engineering degree in 1976 and have been designing and building safes for civilian and military use ever since.”

The Brown Safe philosophy is simple; Use the best materials, tools, and engineering practices available. It is hard to argue with the simple truth that if you want a safe to have a paint finish that looks like a fine automobile that has just been prepped for the auto show, then hire professionals from the auto body industry to paint your safe. You get the idea. Brown Safe has a production line that more resembles collections of artisans than a machine shop. This level of hand craftsmanship in a safe is unheard of in the industry, and exactly what sets Brown Safe apart.

All of this attention to detail and old world craftsmanship might lead some to believe that Brown Safe is somehow mired in the past, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Brown Safe is fitted with state of the art machining equipment and software with artists at the helm. Brown Safe utilizes cutting edge 3D software design and rendering along with laser cutters and CNC milling machines. All of their technology allows for precision and speed not only in new product development but also in day to day production.

Not only are Brown Safe products refined and beautiful, but they are as tough as they come. Once established as a leader in safe and vault door construction Brown Safe attracted clients such as the US military and the Federal government. Brown routinely outfits US Embassies and fortifies military installations all over the world. The same technology that is tasked with securing national secrets is put to work in every safe that Brown sells. Owning a Brown Safe puts the owner in a very elite class indeed.

Brown Safe continues to push the envelope of design and material usage, and their latest creation is a marvel of artistry and engineering. The new safe dubbed the “Chronos” line is aimed at the discriminating male with a collection of fine timepieces.

At first glance, it is easy to see that this is no ordinary safe. The paint on the Chronos is mirror-like, and glassy to the touch, but the refinement of the paint work conceals the heart of this safe. This safe is a beast completely constructed from military grade ballistic armor plate encased in a proprietary ceramic amalgamate outer shell to provide full fire protection and an additional level of burglary resistance. The Chronos exceeds the highest current industry and insurance specifications so in order to classify the security level Brown Safe had to create a new category.

The biometric entry system is a work of art. The entire biometric housing, including the entry handle, is machined from a single block of aviation grade aluminum.

The Chronos lives up to its name as all of the moving parts move with the precision and smoothness of an exquisite watch. Turning the handle on the Chronos releases the four-way bolt work comprised of 1.5-inch diameter titanium locking bolts. You heard that right solid titanium locking bolts. The retracting of the bolts is quiet and smooth thanks to precision roller bearings and precise fitting.

If solid titanium locking bolts wasn’t enough to sell you how about leather wrapped Damascus steel inserts, hand stitched leather, ultrasuede and carbon fiber. Everything about the Chronos screams luxury and style. You will find yourself just staring at the interior just like you would at any fine piece of art.

It is easy to see why those who can flock to Brown Safe to create a symbol of style, and security that they can be proud of. Why buy an, “Off the rack” safe when you can purchase a one of a kind, hand made a custom tailored masterpiece of artistry and engineering from Brown Safe.