Jade Reveals First Ulysse Nardin Manufactured Caliber Essentially for Ladies

Ulysse Nardin launches its first in-house designed and produced self-winding caliber for women’s watches, paying tribute to the female clientele who appreciate its quest for innovation – the Caliber UN-310.

Unique in its concept, it is designed and built in such a way that it does not call for pushing or pulling of the crown to set the date and time, meaning NO MORE damage to the ladies’ manicure.

Chai Schnyder, Chairwoman of Ulysse Nardin, requested such a movement from her late husband Rolf Schnyder (then President and CEO of Ulysse Nardin) 11 years ago. Today, it is finally ready. For her, it is a very emotional link and significant milestone, marking the legacies of the Schnyder family in Ulysse Nardin.
Chairwoman Schnyder feels that ladies would cheer such a development, as manicures take a long time to be properly done, and it is an annoyance if even a small part of the beautiful set of a manicure is chipped or broken while trying to pull out the crown.

Ulysse Nardin Jade Watch

With Caliber UN-310, there is a pusher at the four o’clock position on the watch case which is designed to change the function of the crown: winding (Position 1); setting the date forwards and backwards (Position 2); and setting the time (Position 3). Each manipulation is then simply made by turning the crown forwards or backwards without any need to pull it out. There is also no more fiddling to get to the right position for adjusting the date or time.

Stunningly simple but superbly practical: This UN-310 caliber is another ‘First in the World’ innovation by Ulysse Nardin; and will in fact be welcomed by men and women alike.

Caliber UN-310 reminds one of the elegance of simplicity with Ulysse Nardin’s signature GMT Dual Time — a worldwide best seller which has the unique function of pushers that makes it easy to adjust the watch across time zones without ever taking it off the wrist. It had been a singular and long-term success supported by the wise and intelligent clientele Ulysse Nardin is fortunate to have. UN-310 is yet another uniquely functional innovation Ulysse Nardin is proud to present to save one time, and to make life just a little simpler and more beautiful.

The spellbinding “Jade”.

Embarking on a new dynasty in luxury timepieces for ladies, Ulysse Nardin opens the collection with the spellbinding “Jade”. The model captivates in its design, communicating bold femininity and modernity emphasized by the precious gemstone and its namesake, jade.

Revered as China’s royal gem since 3,000 B.C., Jade, or Yu, continues to fascinate as a precious stone. Honored as crystallized magic—the link between heaven and earth—jadeite first enchanted the Chinese in the mid-Neolithic Age, 8,000 years ago, and the jade culture quickly spread to the rest of the world. With significance comparable to gold and diamond, jade remains one of the most esteemed and compelling gemstones.

Ulysse Nardin Jade Watch – The top model of this series will feature four exquisite green jade horns that flank the bezel —a magnificent ring of emeralds and diamonds in the subtly and supremely elegant snowsetting. A mother-of-pearl dial, also adorned with diamonds, further enhances the exquisite style of the timepiece.

In addition, Ulysse Nardin will enthrall enthusiasts with other pieces from the collection, including a simpler version of the timepiece comprised of diamonds and sapphires.

Drawing on the inventive spirit of Ulysse Nardin, silicium technology is used in the development of the base caliber, escapement wheels and Swiss anchor. A technologically advanced material, silicium was first brought to the forefront of haute horology by Ulysse Nardin with the unveiling of the revolutionary Freak. Unlike conventional materials, Silicium is not affected by close proximity to magnetism which is widespread these days (such as when the watch is placed close to mobile phones), making it a modern-day necessity.

Jade is the flagship timepiece in this new Ulysse Nardin Caliber UN-310 collection for ladies and marks a first in Ulysse Nardin history. Never before has Ulysse Nardin designed and produced an in-house movement exclusively for a ladies collection, demonstrating the manufacturer’s commitment to its female clientele.