Get Your Freak On with Ulysse’s Phantom

Ulysse Nardin reveals a new limited edition model of the already iconic Freak collection: The Freak Phantom.

99 numbered pieces have been created in an 18-karat rose gold case, featuring many of the main collection design characteristics.

Silicium (or simply silicon for the rest of us), a material present in the rest of the collection, is also used in this opportunity.

The Freak series became the first to successfully implement escapement wheels built out of this material back in 2001, featuring a tourbillon carrousel without the traditional dial, hands or crown. Since then, Ulysse Nardin has been regarded as the creator of groundbreaking technology and as the Maison to father such a milestone in haute horology.

There are however, two rotating bezels enabling the wearer to wind the watch (by turning the lower bezel) and to adjust the time indications (by turning the upper bezel).

Among the notorious and remarkable characteristics of the Freak Phantom, we count a caliber UN-208 in-house movement with two ball-bearing systems, while the dial holds hours and minutes functions uniquely displayed by the rotation of the movement; meaning no hands on the dial.

The two ball-bearing systems utilized enable the flying tourbillon function of the minute movement and also of the seconds-indicator tourbillon without a supporting bridge.

At the same time, the cage of the Freak Phantom contains an indicating arrow to mark the seconds on a clear half-moon-shape, rotating in one minute on itself with the zero position holding steady on the axis of the minute indicator.

Undoubtedly an incredible and freak-ish timekeeper to pair with a four-wheeled Phantom.

The price to get your Freak on your wrist: around $137,000.

Technical Specifications:

  • Movement:caliber UN-208 – 8-day Carrousel-Tourbillon – small seconds on flying tourbillon 60 Seconds
  • Power Reserve: more than 8 days, slip-spring
  • Frequency: 4Hz (28’800 v/h)
  • Moment of inertia: 8 mg*cm2, adjusting over 4 screws
  • Hairspring: Silicium 1.1.1., exclusive Ulysse Nardin design
  • Escapement: Silicium, non lubrificated
  • Tourbillon: 1 revolution in 1minute
  • Orbite: 1 revolution in one hour
  • Winding: manual winding over the back of the case, 1 full rotation is equivalent to 12 hours of power reserve
  • Functions: H/M displayed by the rotation of the movement, small seconds on flying tourbillon
  • Time setting: unlock device and turn bezel 18-karat rose gold

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