The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® Adds Sophistication and Flair to Any Wine Collection

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The evolution of the wine culture amongst oenophiles of every age has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. What was once the drink of choice for the few has become an integral part of modern culture for the masses. New and original wines and wine regions have begun to pop up all over the globe and many of today’s wine enthusiasts are taking great pleasure in exploring and expanding their wine knowledge and collections.

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This new found respect and appreciation for wine has also resulted in changes in the way that people are designing and decorating their homes and living spaces. Architects, builders and interior designers alike can all attest to the increasing demand from clients to incorporate wine displays and/or wine cellars as focal points within most of todays upscale and luxury homes. The days of storing wine in a dark room underground have been replaced by jaw dropping custom built storage spaces that are often positioned front and center in living or dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, and even under stairs for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. Due to its attractive and simple nature, the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® has been gaining in popularity as the custom wine racking of choice at the forefront of this movement.

Developed in 2011 by PAPRO Wine Cellars & Consulting (a wine cellar company that works out of Toronto, Canada), the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® has become recognized as one of the most appealing and versatile wine racking options available on the market. Unlike other wine racking alternatives, the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® can be fully customized to fit almost anywhere, and its flexible nature allows for the storage of a wider variety of bottle shapes and sizes. In addition, because the system is hand assembled on site, wine collectors may choose to adjust bottle spacing and angling to suit their personal needs or preferences; something that no other wine racking will allow.

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The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® has also gained recognition for its quality and durability. In a world where many companies have lowered their standards and begun using less expensive materials in order to increase profitability, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.® stands by the belief that many consumers still recognize and appreciate the value of purchasing quality made products, despite having to pay the higher price tag that may go along with them. For this reason, the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® is only made from quality stainless steel cables and nickel or chrome coated brass clamps and supports.

PAUL2314Lastly, one cannot help but be impressed by the streamlined look and brilliance of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® that not only compliments, but enhances the appeal of any transitional or contemporary space. Whether it houses a collection of 8, 88 or 888 bottles, this stunning wine racking system presents equally well, and because the cables are only one eighth of an inch thick, many people have come to refer to the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® as “the wine racking that makes the bottles look as though they are floating on air.” The minimalist nature of the system also offers wine collectors the additional benefits of ensuring that their wine receives excellent air flow, and label visibility throughout the system is excellent; making finding a particular bottle a breeze!

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