Cirrus Ice Ball Press

Why a sphere of ice?

A sphere has the least surface area of any solid shape, creating the least ice-to-alcohol contact ratio possible, and allowing the slowest dilution rate of the ice into the cocktail over time.

Primarily used for high end Scotch or Whiskey, ice spheres are now utilized in a variety of creative drinks and cocktails.

Originating in upscale hotels in Japan, bartenders there perfect the craft of shaping a sphere from a solid block of ice through the use of ice picks and knives. Enter the Cirrus Ice Ball Press for a much safer alternative. The Cirrus Ice Ball Press is a device made from precision-machined blocks of aircraft grade anodized aluminum and medical grade thermoplastics.

How does it work?

First start by freezing water in the plastic ice cup mold. Then extract the oversized piece of ice from the mold and place it between the two halves of the Cirrus Ice Ball Press – and let gravity do the rest. Aluminum is a great thermal conductor and will melt away the excess ice very quickly. After 50-60 seconds the two halves will make contact. At this point simply remove the top half and extract your perfect ice ball from the press using the ice tongs. The ice ball fits best in a standard double old-fashioned glass. Enjoy your favorite scotch with minimal dilution.