Avpro, Inc. Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Avpro is one of the world’s largest international aircraft brokerage and acquisition firms. We perform for our clients, averaging one transaction a week.

We match aircraft to your specifications in a professional and timely manner, allowing you to concentrate on your business, leaving the important details of marketing, market research, negotiating, and contracting to us.

Whether buying, selling or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, Avpro is committed to providing superior customer service and creating mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships.

Listing Services

When your aircraft is listed for sale by Avpro, we handle everything, from advertising and lead generation, to market analysis and follow-up. Just as we do for clients looking to buy aircraft, market searches are performed to locate the right buyer for your aircraft at the highest market price available. Your plane is promoted through direct mail, print and Internet advertising and customized brochures. Our aggressive marketing and advertising sets us apart and has gained a reputation in the industry for getting results.

Acquisition Services

When you are looking to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft, we will conduct a worldwide market search to identify the best possible opportunities in the market place to acquire an aircraft best suited to your mission and budget, at the best possible price.

Avpro Acquisition Expertise:

  • Pricing and valuation of pre-owned aircraft
  • Maintenance and inspection issues
  • Contract terms
  • Deposit structures
  • New aircraft pricing negotiation
  • Negotiation of liquidated damages
  • Privacy protection

Market Research & Analysis

Good information is an essential part of any successful business decision. Our aggressive research department will provide you with the most accurate, timely and complete market information available, making your aircraft buying or selling decision as informed, yet as simple as possible.

Avpro’s market knowledge and track record are unparalleled in the industry. Lenders, manufacturers and clients alike actively solicit Avpro’s expertise in the marketplace. With market conditions and values fluctuating as much as 10% in a 30 day period, having the best possible information to facilitate your decision making is absolutely essential.

Avpro’s transaction specialists will handle all phases of the contract negotiations and closing of a purchase or sales transaction.

Contracting Services:

  • Letters of intent, marketing agreements, and offers
  • Purchase & sale agreements
  • Coordination of pre-purchase inspections activities
  • FAA closing documentation
  • International Registration documentation
  • Coordination with lenders
  • Coordination of 1031 Like-Kind Exchange with a Qualified Intermediary

Many companies can benefit from completing a tax deferred 1031 like-kind exchange when buying a new aircraft to replace their current aircraft. Avpro is fully equipped to handle the documentation and contracting needed to complete a like-kind exchange.