Beechcraft | New Jet? Pre-Owned? Why Not Get the Best of Both?

Hawker 400XPR upgrade combines new jet performance and efficiency with the unequaled value of a pre-owned aircraft.

The Hawker 400XPR upgrade program rewrites the rules, offering the performance, comfort, handling, and operating costs of a new light jet, with the acquisition cost of pre-owned aircraft. How?

The story of the Hawker 400XPR is one of performance, efficiency, capability and value. It begins with the value created by the addition of genuine Hawker winglets and new Williams International high-efficiency, high-power engines.

The value of genuine Hawker winglets is widely known. Engineered by Beechcraft and its partners, they help increase the performance of the wing. In addition, they offer improved handling, better stability, faster cruise speeds and increased range. What makes the Hawker 400XPR winglets unique is that they have been designed and engineered by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Beechcraft and its partners. What’s more, they were designed to synchronize perfectly with the new Williams engines and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, which are also part of the upgrade. Beechcraft customers now have the opportunity to configure their aircraft to their specific needs. The competition has chosen to offer one off-the-shelf solution in order to reduce their development costs, which means that non-approved alterations by Nextant are not tailored to operator’s needs, and they are charged more for it.

As you might expect, the Williams engines are unique to the 400XPR. They are optimized with the specifics of the Hawker 400XPR in mind. The competition has chosen a less capable, less powerful engine, which for many mission profiles is actually less efficient.

The 400XPR engines fly higher, faster, and more efficiently. They also reduce operating costs for the Hawker by providing a much longer time between overhauls.

While the unparalleled performance achieved by genuine Hawker winglets and Williams engines is impressive, equally so is the inside of the Hawker 400XPR. It begins upfront with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. Beechcraft pioneered the Pro Line 21 system, and Beechcraft has the advantage of knowing it better than anyone. Available in three and four-display configurations, and with a two-year warranty, the Pro Line 21 brings the 400-series aircraft into the 21st century. Pilots will love the larger, high-definition displays and all of the other safety enhancements and added capabilities provided by the upgraded flight deck.

Move behind the cockpit, and you’ll find the industry-leading cabin has been updated to maximize comfort and functionality-along with the well-known ease of access afforded by the flat floor, Beechcraft artisans are ready to outfit the interior to meet the most stringent requirements our customers have come to expect from the OEM.

The list of additional cost and reliability improvements is impressive-and can be tailored to your needs. While others may claim to remanufacture an airplane to compete with the Hawker 400XPR, they can’t give you the flexibility to create your own upgrade. Customers can outfit and equip their 400XPR to their exact and unique specifications.

Hawker Beechcraft Services, a division of Beechcraft Global Customer Support, along with its network of authorized service centers, offers Hawker 400XPR owners the best service and support at more than 100 locations around the globe, 33 of which are dedicated to the 400-series aircraft. That means the same people and standards used to build the original aircraft, and upgrade it, are also there to ensure that all service surpasses the highest standards.

Hawker Beechcraft Services will honor any aircraft warranties that are still in effect from the original aircraft production. However, because of the extensive, non-approved alterations effected by start-up repair stations, like Nextant, Hawker Beechcraft Services cannot provide any work or servicing if the upgrade is done by these types of facilities.

Today, the true measure of a jet is how it performs in the air and on the balance sheet. In the light jet category, there is no comparison. The superior performance characteristics and world-class support of the Hawker 400XPR are no match for unauthorized alteration programs. When compared to new jets in its category, the Hawker 400XPR holds its own in the sky-and dominates on the balance sheet. Simply put, if you’re looking for a light jet, you have to look at the Hawker 400XPR.