EBACE 2023: Embraer Showcases Three Iconic Jets

Courtesy of Embraer

Embraer exhibited three of their newest industry-leading jets at EBACE 2023 in Geneva. Let’s take a closer look at Embraer’s best and brightest, the Phenom 300E, the Praetor 500, and the Praetor 600. Each of Embraer’s breathtaking jets is the most advanced in its category.

Courtesy of Embraer

The Phenom 300E has been Embraer’s best-selling jet for 11 years in a row. It is also the world’s fastest and longest-ranged single-pilot jet. With its best in class climb and field performance, the Phenom 300E costs less to operate and maintain than its peers. It also features separate temperature zones for pilots and passengers, alongside a spacious wardrobe.

Courtesy of Embraer

The Praetor 500 is the world’s farthest and fastest-flying midsize jet. It’s capable of nonstop flights across North America corner-to-corner. For example, you may want to take a trip from Miami to Seattle or LA to New York. Fly in comfort in Embraer’s six-foot-tall flat floor cabin with stone flooring.

Courtesy of Embraer

As the world’s farthest-flying super-midsize jet, the Praetor 600 connects distant destinations seamlessly. It’s capable of nonstop flights from Paris to New York or Sao Paulo to Miami. The aircraft features single-point refueling and an externally serviced lavatory. It also has a largest in-class baggage compartment, with a full vanity.

Embraer has set the highest standards in customer experience in flying, and now they’re shifting focus to sustainability. The Melbourne-based company primarily uses Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Embraer is also investing in the development of low-to-zero emission alternative propulsion technologies. These include electrification, hybrid electric, and hydrogen. Because of their quick advancements in these technologies, they expect to have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

At last year’s EBACE, Embraer and 4Air announced a carbon offsetting program for new Executive Jets customers. They received 25 complimentary carbon-neutral flight hours through 4AIR. Because of the new program, Embraer Executive Care customers offset their carbon footprints in their first year of ownership, a vital step in achieving sustainable travel.

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