LieAlonso Designs: A Vision of Divine Living

LieAlonso Designs: A Vision of Divine Living

Let’s face it: The interiors of commercial airplanes have long been dull and drab, lifeless and lackluster. One of the perks of owning a private jet is the ability to install custom interiors that suit the buyer’s unique personality and preferences. UK-based design firm LieAlonso, which is helmed by twin sisters from Brazil, specializes in bringing lavish plane concepts to life, swapping the usual cold, clinical surfaces with vivid, vibrant textures. This organic approach suits the duo’s distinct perspective on the future of aviation design: “When thinking of the future, there is a tendency to think in a literal sense where designs may look overly futuristic and technological,” they tell us. “It’s important not to forget that the passengers who will be flying on these jets are human, with an emotional core and organic foundation. That’s why we focus on integrating technology in a way that feels natural and human, soulfully.”

The sisters draw from their upbringing in São Paolo, Brazil, as well as their father’s Spanish heritage and their Surinamese-born Hakka Chinese mother’s rich cultural history to inspire their multicultural approach to interior design. “Through our works, we embody a rare fusion of ethnic and cultural influences where East meets West, creating unique spaces and pieces that transcend the classical and contemporary ages with a sophisticated approach and a sense of ease and wonder,” they add. “[We] love working with natural materials and playing with different colors and textures to create compositions that feel rich and harmonious. This is where we get the opportunity to really dive in and create layers that bring depth and context within a space.”

Although LieAlonso designs interiors for buildings and homes as well, the sisters enjoy the added challenges that come with bringing aircraft interiors to life. “In aviation, there are many components to be attentive of,” they explain. “Due to the limited space, we have to optimize the floor plan to flow according to passenger use while ensuring that every area is functional and has a purpose. For instance, transition to architectural projects has different complexities and variables to account for. We love it all.” LieAlonso is pushing the boundaries of what the private jet experience can offer, with exquisite interiors that capture the heart and soul and the essence and elegance of the passengers onboard.

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