Mooney is an Iconic American Brand with More Than 80 Years Experience Producing the Best-In-Class Aircraft

Welcome to Mooney. We don’t just fly faster, we fly better. With more than 80 years of product enhancements and customer support, plus a fleet that’s accumulated over 40 million flight hours, we know a thing or two about leading the industry.

From speed to range to safety to innovation, we’re constantly redefining what it means to fly a Mooney.

Fast Facts

  • Company founded in 1929 by Al Mooney in Wichita, Kansas
  • Headquarters moved to Kerrville, Texas in 1953
  • Serves more than 7,000 customers in the United States and more than 1,000 internationally
  • Manufactured and delivered more than 11,000 aircraft worldwide
  • Sells two models of the M20, the highest-performing, four-place, single-engine, piston-powered aircraft: Ovation3 and Acclaim Type S

Our History

Mooney was the result of Al and Art Mooney’s desire to create a plane with the soul of a fighter plane and the efficiency of a sports plane. The Mooney name has since earned its place among aviation legends. Founded in 1929, Mooney has delivered more than 11,000 aircraft worldwide. The story of Mooney has been one of constant innovation, industry leadership and the passion for flight.

History of Innovation

  • Fastest certified single-engine, piston-powered aircraft (242 ktas, M20TN Acclaim Type S)
  • First production aircraft to achieve 200 mph on 200 hp (M20J 201)
  • First certified FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) single engine aircraft (M20L Porsche)
  • First single-engine, piston-powered aircraft certified for flight into known icing conditions (M20M DX w/TKS anti-icing system)
  • First pressurized single-engine, piston-powered aircraft (M22 Mustang)

Record-Setting Achievements

  • AOPA Air Safety Foundation indicates from more than 25,000 general aviation accidents reported Mooney’s M20 series aircraft are the safest in their class
  • NTSB* reports from the Aviation Accident Database collected over 10 years, show the Mooney M20 series has a 7 percent higher survival rate when involved in serious accidents
  • More than 130 world speed and altitude records
  • Fastest flight from coast-to-coast across North America in a single-engine, piston-powered certified aircraft
  • Fastest single-engine retractable, normally aspirated certified aircraft (Ovation3)
  • Capable of achieving cruising speeds and altitudes similar to a twin-engine turboprop * NTSB = National Transportation Safety Board (

Mooney is an iconic American brand with more than 80 years experience producing the best-in-class aircraft. Mooney’s reign and focus on speed have converged with safety and style to bolster our unique aircraft craftsmanship and engineering approach that have made our aircraft legends. Mooneys are single-engine, piston powered aircraft that have been produced and delivered to 11,000 pilots worldwide. Our aircraft hold more than 130 world speed and altitude records with a fleet that has accumulated over 40 million flight hours, as well as an impressive safety record.

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