Philippine Airlines: Soar in Good Spirits

Last October, Philippine Airlines opened their new Mabuhay lounge in Mactan Cebu Airport. Take a walk through security, and you’ll find the new lounge a few steps away from the gate in terminal one. The new lounge has been refitted with more comfortable seats featuring an outlet on each one. It also has a built-in shower for travelers experiencing a long layover.

The new lounge comes with a new buffet and multiple revamped seating areas. The buffet features a wide variety of foods and beverages, including a coffee machine, Leche Flan and Heineken Beer. The food will be dependent on the time you go. One of the new seating areas includes a private, quiet area to take phone calls. The new chairs are designed to keep you comfortable during long waits. Relax and and eat something delicious before catching your flight.

On longer flights, Philippine Airlines provide slippers, a pillow, and a blanket, as well as complimentary headphones for in-flight entertainment. You get a hot, three-course meal, including pastrami rolls and dessert options. Entrees include sweet and sour chicken, beef and shallot with raisin sauce, and snapper woku belanga.

The new first class offering is incredible. On the plane, you’ll be greeted with complimentary moisturizer and lip balm. Rest assured there are only two seats per row, and you can take advantage of the ample space offered to relax. An inflight entertainment center sits across the aisle. On your left, you’ll find seat controls so you can lean back and enjoy your flight. You’ll also have a remote to control your inflight entertainment center. Philippine Airlines is focused on one thing: Comfort.

Operating for almost 83 years, they live up to their ‘heart of the Filipino’ tagline. Philippine Airlines is the oldest airline in the Philippines, and the official flag carrier of the Philippines.