Time is Money: Top 5 Reasons to Fly Private

fly private

When looking into a business or personal trip, the obvious question is if you should charter a private flight or go commercial first-class? Although first-class is the way to go for some, more and more flyers are realizing that taking to the air in a private jet is an ideal traveling experience. With 2 out of 3 passengers saying that they are more productive on a private business aircraft than in their own office, flying private is the new standard for getting things done.


Privacy is a paramount concern for both personal and business reasons. Politicians, celebrities, and prominent business people all depend on private jet charters for a confidential flight. Once you board your personally charted aircraft, there are no crying babies and no stressed-out passengers. There is a freedom to say and do as you please where no one is looking over your shoulder or eavesdropping on your conversation to hear the next hot stock tip.


There is a great deal of peace of mind when it comes to traveling with people you know and trust. In today’s world, safety and security are of the highest priority and that does not stop when it comes to taking your next business trip or vacation. Your own private chartered jet can also provide a feeling of safety when transferring precious documents or cargo from one destination to the next. Private aircraft may even be the only way to get in and out of some countries in times of distress.

Convenience (Load and go)

Private jets hold a convenience to which no commercial flight can compare. Stepping out of a town car and directly into an aircraft makes life extremely easy for those on the go. Bringing along pets, extra luggage, and enjoying exclusive dining experiences are just a few of the convenient perks that flying charter affords. There is no waiting in line behind clueless passengers rummaging around for their luggage in an overhead bin on a private flight.


Chartering a private jet delivers the ultimate message of being highly successful. With image being such a priority to both business and personal lifestyles, flaunting to business partners or potential clients can be a valuable way to show your business accomplishments.

Time management

Productivity is essential for all parties and the saying “time is money” is not lost on any business traveler. Time away from the office can damage employee productivity. Lost time waiting around at an airport is just wasted money. From needing to arrive at a commercial airline three hours early to delayed flights, the time lost with commercial airlines quickly adds up to a great deal on the bottom line.

From saving time by avoiding commercial travelers to getting the most out of your employees, flying private has never been such a necessity in the business world. When charting a personal flight, there is no better way to ensure privacy, convenience, and security than with a private jet experience.

About The Author

Kyle Goldman is a financial advisor and journalist who has a weak spot for fast cars and far-reaching jets. He is an aviation enthusiast and hobbyist who recently received his sport pilot certificate and plans to buy his own light sport aircraft in the near future. Kyle is one-part entrepreneur, one-part writer, and two-parts book geek. He is on a personal mission to trace the literary travels of Ernest Hemingway.

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