Vision SF50™ Personal Jet – Yours, Truly.

Cirrus SF50

What would be worth waiting eight years for? Something life altering, undoubtedly–something you knew would change things for the better, forever. The Vision SF50 Personal Jet from Cirrus Aircraft promises just that, and its upcoming arrival means the uncorking of that ‘special-event’ bottle of champagne for over 550 customers who already hold positions on the waiting list.

Indeed, this jet is worth the wait. It offers sophisticated designs and technologies that make it not only a head-turner on the runway but exhilarating to fly as well. 

The Vision SF50 is designed to be accessible to anyone who has ever dreamed about becoming a jet pilot. It doesn’t necessarily need a flight department or hired professional in the cockpit. This bird is Yours, Truly – and the freedoms associated with personal jet ownership are countless. Just load up the family, spool up the engine and go. It’s that simple. You’ll be at the condo, the golf course, or on the first chair to enjoy a fresh powder day in no time. It’s called living The Cirrus Life, and you’re the one in charge now.

Cirrus Aircraft has a reputation for sharp and innovative product designs. Their thirty-year portfolio of single piston airplanes has won them notable accolades and has captured the business and partnerships of such celebrities as aerobatic pilot Mike Goulian, Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, and musicians Dierks Bentley and Tim McGraw. Quality craftsmanship, sleek carbon fiber construction and premium customization options yield aircraft with fluid, curvaceous lines and lightweight durability. With final FAA certification close at hand, the Vision SF50 will be the first jet for the company and is recognized as a stand-alone personal jet amongst it competitors. Featuring a top mounted single turbine engine and striking V-shaped tail, this jet is pressurized to 28,000 feet and carries with it a convincing joie de vivre.

Not only will the Vision SF50 usher you through all of life’s adventures in luxury, it will also keep your adventures safe with its advanced avionics suite and signature Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®). That’s right–a parachute for your airplane that protects occupants in the event of an emergency by lowering the aircraft to the ground after deployment. No other certified general aviation aircraft manufacturer in the world provides this safety feature as standard equipment. Indeed, this jet can be trusted with your most precious of cargo: your family and friends (and maybe that nice Sauvignon Blanc you picked up in Napa).

Premiering in the Vision Jet is the new Perspective Touch™ avionics suite by Garmin®, an intuitive integrated touchscreen flight deck that simplifies and streamlines flight operations. It showcases three landscape control screens that complement the large Primary & Multi-Function Displays, all of which are activated by a simple touch of the finger. This elimination of soft key buttons gives the Vision SF50 a clean appearance and eliminates the cumbersome switchboard of knobs and dials that has long cluttered the cockpits of airplanes. Perspective Touch can be programmed to suit multiple individual preferences and easily recognizable icons make navigating through commands as easy as working on your iPad.

The Cirrus company story is as visionary as its designs. In thirty short years this tenacious Midwestern enterprise has sold over 6,000 new airplanes and matured to become a true global leader in the general aviation industry. Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota with partner manufacturing facilities in Grand Forks, North Dakota, it plans to break ground on a flagship customer experience center in Knoxville, Tennessee by the end of the year. Overlooking the alluring Great Smoky Mountains, this Cirrus Vision Center will house a full-motion Level-D simulator for advanced training opportunities and will serve as a custom design and delivery center. It will also offer service and maintenance amenities, fixed-base operations, concierge benefits, and a place for Cirrus customers and enthusiasts to gather and exchange stories.

Co-founding brothers Dale and Alan Klapmeier had big dreams for Cirrus Aircraft. While they have parted ways in business, much is to be admired about this humble-rooted company that started on their parents’ rural farmstead near Baraboo, Wisconsin. It began with the VK-30 design, a kit aircraft that had its first flight in 1988 and started the journey that led to both men being inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2014. Dale still serves as Chief Executive Officer and as a private pilot has logged more than 5,400 hours of flight time. His passion for airplanes seems only to build with each passing year, and seeing the Vision SF50 come to fruition is a much-anticipated dream realized. “We have been dreaming of this new airplane since…well, since before we started the company! Our team has been full steam ahead ever since. Excitement for the Vision SF50 just continues to grow, but I don’t think we can truly see just yet what a game-changing airplane this is going to be.”

What we do know is how life-changing the Vision SF50 Personal Jet will be. It just might be that ‘something’ you’ve been waiting so patiently for–that Better, Forever. So go ahead and create a new lifestyle for yourself. Life is short and you deserve it.