Active Adventures

An incredible 14-day trek into the heart of the Annapurna Himalaya range.

An adventure to places like New Zealand, Nepal and South America is an exciting prospect, but to do it with Active Adventures takes it to another level.

Over the last twenty years they’ve taken thousands of travellers on outdoor adventures and hiking trips to these amazing places and they guarantee you’ll have a trip of a lifetime. Based in Queenstown, NZ they pride themselves in being Kiwi-owned and operated (with satellite bases in Cuzco and Kathmandu) and they thrive on sharing the places they know and love.

Their New Zealand Adventure Tours showcase fiords, glaciers, rainforest, volcanoes, beech forests and rugged coastlines that are more beautiful than you can ever imagine and with a very extensive network of hiking and biking trails and almost 1000 backcountry huts, the options for exploring this wilderness are endless.

Trekking in the Himalayas is as much about the warm and welcoming Nepali people and vibrant culture, as it is the majestic mountains and brings with it an experience unlike any other, as you learn a bit of the local lingo, explore the fascinating culture and marvel over towering peaks.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are stunning destinations and the best way to see them is with the team at Active Adventures, on a land-hopping tour, where you’ll find everything you could possibly want from your holiday including distinctive wildlife, world-class snorkelling and scuba diving, an insight into island life, dense Amazon rainforests and magical cloud forests to hike in.

Where in the world can you trek for three days to arrive at a mystical Inca citadel perched on a mountain top? In Peru of course, and if you take the Ultimate Peru Adventure ‘Jaguar’ tour you get the chance to kayak the highest navigable lake in the world to a floating village made completely of reeds. Seeing how the locals live and experiencing Peru’s stunning natural landscapes under your own steam will make your hiking and adventure tour unforgettable.

Another fantastic destination on the list is Patagonia, well-known for its colossal glaciers, abundant emerald lakes and lush forests, and at the heart of this vast wilderness area is the Torres Del Paine National Park – a hiker’s dream.
If any of these tour packages sound great to you, visit the Active Adventures website for more information. Their unique adventure trips will challenge you and help you realise just how special the destinations really are.

Here are a couple of reviews from recent guests…

“Nonstop adventures. At first, being with Active in Peru seemed all about the fun — trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking in the jungle mud; looking out at jaw-dropping Andes vistas; waking up to exotic jungle noises. The trip definitely was an immersion into the perfect sampling of what the country has to offer. Thinking back, though, what enriched my life most is the deep pride Peruvians — including our guide, Erick and all the Active crew — have in their culture, their country and their history. They never stopped sharing their extensive knowledge and their pride was compelling. My favourite moment: silently observing our muleteer ask the gods of the earth and the mountains to bless his food and listening as our guide respectfully and quietly explained privately to me the rich history and meaning of that moment. Yes: fabulous fun; great nonstop adventures in Peru’s mountains, lakes and jungles; flawless logistics; endless caring and support for each of us. But bottom line? One of the richest cultural experiences I’ve ever had, and sharing it with my two grown children does make this the trip of a lifetime. Thank you!”

– Myra Gossens (Washington, USA) May 2015 Ultimate Peru Adventure ‘Jaguar’ trip

“Epic. The Rimu trip was Epic to me in so many ways. I knew New Zealand was a beautiful place to visit, but, I had no idea how beautiful. As a solo traveler, I was also weary of how the active adventure group and guides would be. But, I couldn’t have asked for anything better than the people I got to experience the Rimu trip with! The guides, the group, the accommodations, the active adventures and the weather were all superb. The South Island is a magical place to see. I’m so happy I chose Active Adventures to experience it!”

– Liz Eident (Connecticut, USA) Jun 2015 Ultimate South Island Adventure ‘Rimu’ trip