America’s Elite: A Tour of the 10 Most Luxury Airbnb Rentals

Before your next getaway, check out these luxury Airbnb rentals

Luxury accommodation redefines our experiences in travel, transforming them from mere stays into memorable, plush adventures. Wealth of Geeks, delves into the crème de la crème of Airbnb’s luxe category, presenting the most prestigious and costliest Airbnb listings across America. Let’s embark on a journey through opulence and grandeur as we explore the top ten luxury Airbnb rentals where expense is secondary to the extravagance and comfort offered.

Colorado: A Modernist Ski Chalet in Vail

Topping the charts of the luxury Airbnb rentals, Colorado’s Forest Retreat is not just a dwelling but a pinnacle of modernist architecture and luxury. With a nightly fee of $22,255, this chalet offers an unparalleled ski experience with its proximity to the slopes of Vail. The interior boasts an aesthetic alignment of luxury and comfort with expansive windows that frame the mountain vistas, integrating the natural beauty of the outdoors with the chalet’s sophisticated decor. Each of the six bedrooms is a suite in its own right, featuring plush furnishings and private bathrooms that are nearly as large as the bedrooms themselves. The 7.5 bathrooms include features like rainfall showers and deep soaking tubs, turning simple routines into spa-like rituals.

California: French Baroque Elegance in Beverly Hills

Chateau de Laurel, priced at $21,701 per night, is not merely a stay but a statement of opulence in the heart of Beverly Hills. This estate’s French Baroque architecture and meticulously landscaped gardens echo the grandeur of Versailles, offering a royal experience with modern Californian flair. Each of the eight bedrooms is decorated with custom furnishings and art, reflecting a unique theme and palette, while the 8.5 bathrooms are masterpieces of marble and gold accents. The estate’s leisure facilities, including a lavish swimming pool and a state-of-the-art home theater, are designed for both entertainment and relaxation, ensuring that every moment spent here is a luxury in itself.

New Mexico: Culinary Luxury at Casa Grande

Casa Grande at Vermejo stands out with its blend of vast living spaces and exceptional culinary services, setting it apart at $20,685 per night. The mansion’s architecture reflects New Mexican heritage with contemporary elegance. Each of the seven bedrooms offers expansive views of the surrounding estate, while the bathrooms are equipped with artisanal toiletries and fine linens, catering to every need of discerning guests. The highlight, however, is the private chef service, turning each meal into a personalized gourmet experience, from hearty breakfasts to exquisite dinners, tailored to guests’ preferences and dietary requirements.

Nevada: Lakeside Opulence at Villa Harrah

Villa Harrah, priced at $20,435 per night, offers a sanctuary where the luxury of a five-star hotel meets the privacy of a secluded lakeside estate. The seven bedrooms are designed to offer serene views of Lake Tahoe, with direct access to the private pier. The 7.5 bathrooms boast features like steam showers and jetted tubs, offering a spa-like environment. Beyond the lavish accommodations, the villa’s personal beauty salon, home theater, and waterfront fire pit area provide a blend of relaxation and entertainment options that are simply unmatched.

Hawaii: Tropical Retreat at Haiku House Maui

Haiku House Maui, at $18,304 a night, offers a tropical paradise setting with all the trappings of modern luxury. This estate goes beyond standard amenities with a heated outdoor pool, fire pit area, and panoramic views of the lush Maui landscapes from every one of the nine bedrooms. The 10.5 bathrooms provide a resort-like feel with private spas and rain showers, enhancing the tropical experience. The extensive living areas and outdoor lounging spaces are perfect for large gatherings, making it ideal for family reunions or luxurious corporate retreats.

Utah: Ski-In/Ski-Out Luxury in Park City

This modern chalet in The Colony, for $12,970 per night, redefines ski lodge luxury with its direct access to Park City’s slopes and bespoke interior design that complements the natural beauty of Utah’s winter landscape. The chalet’s five bedrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the snowy mountains, while the in-floor heating ensures a cozy ambiance. The gourmet kitchen and outdoor fire pit are perfect for après-ski relaxation, making it a favorite for both ski enthusiasts and those who wish to indulge in the beauty of winter from the comfort of a luxurious setting.

Wyoming: Rustic Luxury at Philips Ridge

Philips Ridge in Wyoming, priced at $12,893 per night, presents a seamless blend of rustic charm and luxury. Set against the backdrop of the stunning vistas of Jackson Hole, this ski cabin offers a unique retreat that is as opulent as it is homely. Each of the five bedrooms is designed with an emphasis on comfort and style, featuring bespoke furnishings that reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The bathrooms are equally luxurious, equipped with modern amenities such as heated floors, steam showers, and high-end bath products, ensuring a spa-like experience after a day on the slopes.

The cabin’s wellness facilities include a private sauna and a state-of-the-art steam room, complemented by a fully equipped gym for those who wish to maintain their fitness regime. The living area, with its towering windows and stone fireplace, invites guests to relax in a cozy yet elegant setting, making Philips Ridge the epitome of mountain luxury. Don’t forget about the 2 lane bowling alley.

Georgia: Regal Living at ATL Royal

ATL Royal in Georgia, at $12,337 per night, stands as a beacon of regal luxury and grandeur. This lavish residence is designed to cater to discerning guests with its expansive outdoor and indoor living spaces. The private pool and spa area serve as the centerpiece of the estate, offering a tranquil escape or a vibrant entertainment area. Inside, the gym is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, and the adjoining game room with a full-size pool table provides ample leisure options.


Each of the five bedrooms is a master suite, featuring luxurious bedding and direct access to the 7.5 opulent bathrooms, each designed with unique marble and bespoke fittings. The residence’s capacity to host up to 12 guests makes it an ideal venue for high-end gatherings or a luxurious family getaway.

South Carolina: Lagoon Luxury at Montage Lagoon Residences

Montage Lagoon Residences in Bluffton, South Carolina, priced at $10,792 per night, offers guests a serene lagoon-side retreat with all the trappings of a luxury resort. The property features five beautifully appointed bedrooms, each with en-suite 5.5 bathrooms that provide privacy and luxury in equal measure. The dedicated workspace is a unique feature, designed for those who blend business with pleasure, ensuring productivity in a peaceful setting.

What sets this residence apart is its private cinema room, providing an immersive entertainment experience that is perfect for families or groups looking to unwind in style. The sprawling outdoor area is meticulously landscaped, featuring seating areas that overlook the lagoon, making it a picturesque spot for morning coffees or evening cocktails.

Montana: Mountain Majesty at Whitefish Estate

The Whitefish Estate near Glacier National Park in Montana offers a luxurious retreat for $8,459 per night, blending outdoor adventure with the comforts of a high-end home. This estate boasts seven bedrooms, each offering majestic views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The interior is designed with rustic elegance, featuring natural materials that echo the outdoor environment.

The games room and pool table are central to the entertainment offerings in this luxury Airbnb rental, providing guests with options for indoor recreation, while the private hot tub is ideally situated for stargazing or enjoying the crisp mountain air. The proximity to Glacier National Park also allows guests easy access to some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, perfect for exploring during the day before returning to the comfort of this mountainous haven.

*Prices may be adjusted due to time at booking on any of these luxury Airbnb rentals.

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