Embark on a Celestial Odyssey: World’s Finest Hotels for Stargazing

Start your stargazing experience at The Torridon in Scotland

In the realm of luxury travel, stargazing transforms from a simple nocturnal pastime into an enchanting experience. The crème de la crème of hotels and resorts worldwide have elevated this pursuit into a sublime event. Imagine yourself beneath panoramic skylights or nestled in star beds, guided by experts to hidden locales ideal for observing constellations, solar eclipses, or the ethereal Northern Lights.

The connoisseurs at Jacada Travel have curated an exquisite list of stargazing sanctuaries. While Chile’s Atacama Desert reigns supreme in celestial viewing, other global destinations offer equally mesmerizing encounters with the cosmos, blending ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology. For the optimal experience, aim for nights free from the moon’s glare, when the stars reveal themselves in their full glory.

The Torridon – Scotland

Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, The Torridon boutique resort offers an unparalleled stargazing experience. From November to March, during new or crescent moons, guests can indulge in an astronomer-led dinner and presentation, followed by a journey beneath the Milky Way.

Torfhús Retreat – Iceland

In Iceland’s Golden Circle, the Torfhús Retreat‘s cozy cottages provide a gateway to the stars. Amidst Iceland’s minimal light pollution, this retreat stands out as an exceptional spot to marvel at the starry skies and possibly, the Northern Lights. Note that summer’s perpetual daylight makes it less suitable for stargazing.

Hayat Rum – Jordan

Deep in the Wadi Rum valley, Hayat Rum offers a sustainable retreat. Here, the desert skies serve as a canvas for celestial wonders, easily admired from the comfort of luxurious tented suites or during a starlit regional culinary feast.

Adrére Amellal – Egypt

In the mystical Siwa Oasis of the Egyptian Sahara, Adrére Amellal stands as a beacon of authenticity and sustainability. In this electricity-free haven, the night sky sparkles unimpeded, offering a breathtaking astral display best enjoyed with warm attire.

Origins – Costa Rica

Origins, ensconced in the pristine surroundings of Rio Celeste, boasts luxurious lodges with skylights perfect for celestial observations. Its unique mountainside location offers panoramic nocturnal vistas from balconies and infinity pools, capturing the celestial beauty of both hemispheres.

Soneva Kiri – Thailand

On Koh Kood, Thailand’s fourth-largest island, Soneva Kiri promises a sophisticated escape. The resort’s observatory and in-house astronomer enhance the stargazing experience, complemented by unique offerings like a ‘galaxy dinner’ on the beach or an astronomical dinner cruise.

Saruni Samburu – Kenya

Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve, known for its wildlife, is home to Saruni Samburu. Perched in the Kalama Mountains, this elegant lodge with just six villas offers the ideal stargazing environment: dry, clear, and unpolluted skies at a lofty altitude.

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa – Zanzibar

Off Tanzania’s coast, the mesmerizing island of Zanzibar hosts the Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa. This beachside paradise offers not just blissful relaxation but also stellar stargazing from a rooftop bar, private terraces, or uniquely designed star beds.

Each of these destinations invites you to a celestial journey, blending luxury with the timeless allure of the night sky. These hotels don’t just offer a stay; they promise an otherworldly experience, a chance to commune with the cosmos in unparalleled opulence.

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