Festa dell’Autunno

Images courtesy of Pelican Hill

Italy in autumn is a wonderful place to be. Assuming your schedule allows it.

If it doesn’t, a spectacular, and in some cases better, alternative exists along the California coast near Newport Beach. It is set among some of the most breathtaking views in the country in the heart of The Resort at Pelican Hill, the only five-star property in Newport Beach. On this 500-plus acre land of world-class luxury, amenities and service, the fourth annual Festa dell’Autunno will be held October 10-12, when the traditions of Italy come to California’s very own seaside Tuscan village.

This is a celebration of Italian culture and cuisine, and as a special epicurean experience to begin the three-day event, Andrea Ristorante will feature guest Chef Massimiliano Mascia from Ristorante San Domenico, one of Italy’s finest Michelin Star restaurants in Imola. “Chef Mascia’s authentic culinary creations are deeply rooted in the Italian gastronomic tradition, which his family has passionately celebrated since Bologna’s acclaimed Ristorante San Domenico opened more than four decades ago,” Pelican Hill Managing Director Giuseppe Lama tells Jetset. “Growing up in a family-owned restaurant, Chef Mascia worked alongside his grandparents since his teenage years and now leads San Domenico’s culinary arts and kitchen operations.” The menu for this event on opening night will showcase Chef Mascia’s authentic cuisine with seasonal dishes, including Egg Yolk Ravioli San Domenico, Rosemary Roasted Quail and Stuzzichini featuring robiola cheese, polenta and white truffle fondue.

The food and fun will continue with the Italian Street Festival that will feature wine tasting, live music, traditional flag performances and “Motori Italiani” automobile exhibitions. Kids will enjoy and be included in the weekend festival as much as adults, as they learn traditional Italian dancing, have the opportunity to create their own artistic masterpieces of hand-decorated flags and Venetian masks during the day, and at night, Pelican Hill chefs teach the art of pizza making, from rolling dough and making sauce to grating cheese and adding the toppings.

Sunday is a great day to sleep in, or take an early morning stroll along the fine sand of the beach as you dip your toes into the Pacific Ocean then enjoy the Under the California Sun Jazz Brunch. It’s a weekend celebration of fall, the harvest season, and Festa dell’Autunno will allow you to enjoy and relish everything the affluent lifestyle represents.

Special accommodations packages are available, and include two-night stays in the renowned and spacious Pelican Hill bungalows, so check Pelicanhill.com/festa for all the details. If you are looking for a memorable, meticulously-planned and culturally-significant celebration of life and luxury, book a trip to the closest thing to Italy you will find anywhere outside of Italy.