Floating Seahorse: An Astonishing New Luxury Community

Ever dreamed of spending a few months living aboard a luxury yacht? Or perhaps it’s simply a waterfront property with ocean views as far as the eye can see that tickles your fancy?

Introducing the Signature Edition of The Floating Seahorse from renowned real estate firm Kleindienst. Further building on their successful development The Heart of Europe (which spans six of the islands on The World artificial archipelago in Dubai), the Signature Edition of The Floating Seahorse boasts three levels of fully-customizable amenities perfect for your next family or group vacation.

This luxury marine-style retreat boasts an impressive 4,004 square feet of living space across three levels, including one floor that’s completely submerged to provide a true “under the sea” living experience second to none. This floating mini-mansion in the UAE offers enough room to host up to eight adults and eight children with four flexi living/sleeping areas and a total of eight main rooms, each of which can be fully personalized to meet you and your guests’ specific design needs. The underwater level alone provides over 860 square feet of living space with an eye-catching 600 square-foot coral garden for unique views of the oceanic landscape you’ll only find aboard The Signature Edition of The Floating Seahorse.

Offering the perfect blend of Emirati lifestyle and forward-thinking European designs, The Signature Edition of The Floating Seahorse provides what is truly a “signature” concept for the discerning home owner who wants a bespoke experience available only in a place as daring an innovative as Dubai.

Price: $3,300,000 USD
Completion: First Phase October 2016
For more information please visit www.thoe.com Tel: +971 04 818 1481

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