Presidential Private Jet Vacations | One-of-a-Kind Luxury Travel Experiences Designed Around You

Life at The Brando in Teti ‘Aroa, Marlon Brandos’ private island

A new era is dawning for sumptuous travel, one where private jets bring a new perspective on fully customized luxurious vacations for small groups of UHNWI family members and friends that offer one-of-a-kind experiences specifically designed to reflect the traveler’s interests and lifestyles.

The Epitome of Travel

Presidential Private Jet Vacations, in partnership with a close-knit network of the most select names in luxury travel around the globe, are the architects of highly curated bespoke luxury travel events planned around you. These custom-crafted vacations intertwine the privilege of private flight with distinctive activities on the ground. They are indeed the epitome of travel.

A Flight Experience That is Truly Private

When you choose Presidential Private Jet Vacations for your travel pleasure, you are not simply getting a seat on a private aircraft you will share with unfamiliar passengers on a pre-determined routing. We will work together to select the private jet that best suits your travel needs and desires according to the size of your party, destination, and itinerary and this jet will be yours for the duration of your trip.

The private jet makes an ideal environment for multi-generational travel events.

Insider Access to Rare Activities and Unique Accommodations

Presidential Private Jet Vacations are experiential in nature. They are devised to allow guests to immerse themselves in local cultures of their destinations for a travel experience unlike anything you will ever find in brochures. Examples of these events include:

  • Dinners hosted by people of royal lineage in India.
  • Sharing luxury tents with the Berber under the Saharan skies of Morocco.
  • Kite making in China with a descendant of the last Emperor’s kite maker.
  • Enjoying lunch prepared by a winegrowing family in a Napa Valley vineyard.
  • Camel polo playing in Dubai
  • Visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Spain behind closed doors
  • Extreme driving on ice in a remote area in the North of Finland

In addition to traditional luxury hotels and resorts, guests have the option to stay at unique accommodations in many destinations further enhancing their participation in local life. The list of options includes private islands, castles, eco-lodges, luxury desert encampments, wineries, and more.

As a discerning, seasoned traveler with a taste for the finer things in life, Presidential Private Jet Vacations invites you to charter a private jet towards your destination of choice for the ultimate lifestyle experience. We have curated a collection of bespoke private jet vacations to inspire your journeys.