Train With Trailblazers: SIRO Fitness Hotel

SIRO Fitness Hotel, a novel venture by Kerzner International, merges luxury accommodation with an athletic lifestyle. Set to open Dubai’s first fully integrated fitness and recovery hotel next year, SIRO’s mission is to enable live without compromise, and they have the tools to get you there. SIRO Fitness Hotel has world-class facilities, and employs distinguished athletes from around the world as instructors.

Among these is Ramla Ali, who made history as the first ever Somalian boxer at the Olympics, and the first Muslim woman to score an English title. Ali remarks on her role at SIRO, the Olympian said, “It was a natural choice for me to partner with SIRO. I have worked hard to create an environment within the male-dominated world of boxing where women feel welcomed and encouraged to participate.”

The SIRO team also includes Olympic gold medalist swimmer Adam Peaty, esteemed trainer Haya Sawan, and Netflix’s Fall in Love with instructor Jonah Kest. They offer invaluable tips for sustaining physical and mental health.

The SIRO app enhances the experience, allowing guests to preview rooms, plan meals, and book private sessions before even stepping foot onto SIRO. Use the app to customize your stay, tracking your fitness and endurance goals. The app is your concierge; a tool to create an outline for every part of your fitness journey, from warm up to cooldown. Use this information to encourage your fitness journey outside of the hotel as well.

Post-exercise, SIRO offers therapies for muscle repair, sleep enhancement, stress reduction, and overall wellbeing. With options like cryotherapy and Zen Room classes, recovery is personalized via the app. Meal plans are also customizable to dietary needs, ensuring optimal performance.

SIRO Fitness Hotel promises a supportive, comprehensive environment, imparting enduring wellness strategies for everyday life. Every stay can be as intensive as desired.

Philippe Zuber, CEO of Kerzner International, comments, “In the past decade, there’s been a marked shift towards self-care, and fitness and recovery as key wellness elements. SIRO is our answer to this shift, creating a space for a community focused on lifestyle betterment.”

SIRO One Za’abeel in Dubai opens its doors on February 1st, 2024. Stay tuned with Jetset Magazine for more information on it closer to release.

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