View from the Top: Luxury Sky Deck Offers Soaring View of NYC Skyline

The New York City skyline is sprawling and majestic, dotted with towering skyscrapers, iconic corporate headquarters, and high-end residences with innovative architectural engineering. Just in the past decade, this famous skyscape has evolved and expanded dramatically, inspiring countless tourists to ascend the Empire State Building or the Freedom Tower to catch a bird’s-eye view of the bustling metropolis.

Soon, visitors and locals alike will have a chance to soar to all new heights and capture the most expansive view of the skyline to date, all while partaking in a world-class wining and dining experience. Opening in March 2020, The Edge, a sky deck located in the Hudson Yards neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side, will allow visitors to climb 100 stories—a staggering 1131 feet—above the NYC cityscape, making it the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.

Unparalleled Views

Offering a breathtaking 360-degree view, The Edge sky deck makes spectators feel as though they are suspended in air, granting them an 80-mile panoramic glimpse of the entire New York metropolitan area. The observation deck consists of 15 different sections that protrude 80 feet from the building’s main structure, creating 7,500 square feet of walking space. 79 glass panels weighing 1400 pounds each form a perimeter around the observation area, which is situated on the eastern and southern flanks of the building. These glass panels tilt at a slight angle so that guests can lean forward and fully experience the weightless sensation of hovering over the Manhattan skyline.

When The Edge opens to the public in March, admissions will range from $31-38 depending on the visitor’s age, city of residence, and whether or not they purchase their ticket online ahead of time. Because of its unmatched visibility and spectacular architectural ingenuity, this observation deck is certain to become a popular attraction for travelers and thrill-seekers, wanting to experience life on top of the world.

Restaurants and Recreation

What’s especially unique about The Edge experience is that it also gives visitors a chance to indulge in the finer side of New York’s social scene. The 100th floor of the building houses a champagne bar managed by Rhubarb Hospitality Group; the bar offers not only beverages and cocktails but also a diverse menu of light refreshments that one can sample while soaking in the scenery.

Located right above The Edge on the 101th floor is Peak—the Edge’s stylish and sophisticated restaurant—which serves more substantial meals at lunch and dinnertime. Peak provides a distinctive dining experience nestled among the clouds of the Manhattan sky. With modern interiors designed by Rockwell Group, a local architectural design firm, both restaurants elevate patrons to the peak of New York’s culinary milieu. Afterwards, visitors can explore the rest of the Hudson Yards’ countless entertainment options, including outdoor parks, fashion events, and artistic landmarks. Come March 11th, The Edge will set new standards for luxury tourism in the Big Apple; its impressive views, top-notch dining facilities, and record-setting sky deck will make the whole attraction a must-add to one’s itinerary.

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