Her Name was Carmen: The Soul of West Soho

Cocktail spread, courtesy of Her Name was Carmen

This summer, Soho celebrated five years of Her Name was Carmen, A Soho restaurant blending American and Latin cuisine. Per their mission statement, Her Name was Carmen is not married to any particular nationality. Instead, they refer to themselves as a “high end brand with a twist”. In the heart of West Soho, 527 Broome Street offers wonderful night life, cocktails, and luxury foods.

In honor of their half-decade serving New York, Carmen called upon designer Sharit Kassab to redo their interior and unveiled a new menu from Chef Lucas Harrell. The new menu items include morel mushrooms, grilled arctic char, tuna crudo, terely’s flan, and more.

Andre Diaz, owner of Her Name was Carmen, has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry.  Speaking on the new changes to Carmen, he says, “This is the best possible way for us to start the year… It expresses the very best of Latin culture and cuisine.” Soho, one of the most flavorful areas in all of New York, has welcomed Carmen kindly. Their exceptional standards for food and cocktails keep them in business.

A Different Kind Of Luxury Restaurant

Her Name was Carmen hosts an all-inclusive luxury wine program, managed by director Yuval Bar-Kokhba. Each wine is hand-selected by the wine director, who has over 20 years of experience. He tastes wines from all over the world, importing regional favorites from Mallorca, Sierras de Malaga, Galicia, and Uruguay.

Downstairs, the lounge offers a different kind of nightlife. Music-led evenings include tropical infused disco, Latin club sounds, deep-house, and afro-beat. Gloria Jakobs, music director, curates each night’s playlist, and the dance floor stays open until 12 AM.

Her Name was Carmen’s new redesign mixes rambunctious decor with timeless Latin ambiance. It will prioritize environmental sustainability and anthropological exploration of Latin America. Carmen is the only luxury Latin American restaurant in Manhattan, keeping Latin culture alive and well in Soho.

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