Ambiente Landscape Hotel: Sedona’s Sensual Scenic Escape

Lobby at Ambiente. Photo Courtesy of Jeff Zaruba

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience that seduces you at every turn, visit the newest hotel in Sedona, Arizona—Ambiente®. Every aspect of the landscape hotel lives in harmony with its surroundings. In each of the 40 urban-chic atriums, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a rooftop deck expose breathtaking views of the Red Rock sandstone monoliths. At Ambiente, you can enjoy extremely personal hospitality, including courtesy transportation in luxury vehicles to take you to and from your daily escapades. Drink and dine at Forty1 Lounge, hang by the pool, and get pampered at Velvet Spa. Ambiente has thought of everything.

The landscape hotel—the first of its kind in North America—was conceived by the visionary Stevenson family, fulfilling a lifelong dream of providing an exclusive escape for nature-seeking travelers. Jennifer May and Colleen TeBrake, alongside their father, Michael Stevenson, brought to life a unique haven that beautifully blends with its surroundings, offering discerning guests an unparalleled experience in modern, elegant accommodations.

The Ambience of Ambiente

Ambiente Sedona’s innovative and elevated design pays homage to the region’s native splendor. Centered on the natural beauty of Sedona, each Atrium is perfect for those who appreciate minimalism and luxury within a natural environment. Rich, earth-toned color schemes envelop every Atrium, while enormous windows provide stunning 180-degree views, seamlessly bringing the grandeur of the national forest and red rock formations into the living space. The resort’s construction philosophy is deeply intertwined with environmental conservation, including the restoration of an ancient waterway that adds a soothing touch to the property.

Unveiling Restaurant Forty1 to the Public

Photo Courtesy of Jenelle Bonifield

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Zaruba

One of the most sought-after dining experiences in Sedona is Restaurant Forty1, located on the property. Initially an exclusive dining destination for hotel guests, it has opened its doors to the public. The restaurant’s contemporary design, with retractable floor-to-ceiling windows, opens up to the surrounding elements, providing an inclusive atmosphere for guests. Forty1 offers an ever-evolving menu with a distinctive take on American cuisine using locally inspired ingredients in a non-pretentious yet upscale setting.

Forty1 Executive Chef Dave Duncan, a Northern Arizona native, brings a new menu highlighting locally grown and seasonal ingredients, offering a distinctive culinary experience.

Chef Duncan’s debut menu at Forty1 features a diverse array of dishes, from South African Black Mussels with chorizo and poblano focaccia to Copper State Ranch Filet and Jumbo Prawns with charred corn polenta. Complemented by a meticulously curated wine list and Arizona-inspired cocktails, this season’s highlights include the Smoked Fall Fashion and the Ambiente Buffalo Sour.

Adjacent to Forty1 is The Drifter, a poolside spot offering poolside fare, handcrafted cocktails, and a selection of local beer and wine. This all-day dining destination provides a front-row seat to Sedona’s stunning red rocks, making it an ideal spot to relax after a day of exploration.

Velvet Spa: A Sanctuary for the Senses

For those seeking sensory indulgence, Velvet Spa awaits. Tucked away amidst the landscape hotel’s biophilic lobby building, Velvet Spa offers a range of treatments integrating regionally sourced ingredients, embodying the transformative essence of Sedona. Led by Spa Director Deborah Waldvogel, the spa introduces new wellness experiences, including the AcuGlow™ Facial and Energetic Experiences.

  • The AcuGlow™ Facial combines advanced technology with ancient practices like gua sha and facial cupping for sculpting, toning, and skin brightening, complemented by lymphatic drainage and LED-light therapy.
  • Energetic Experiences offer transformative treatments, including sound bowls, traditional massage, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, crystals, and gentle energy work, with an Energy Exploration service seamlessly integrating massage, cranial sacral, and/or reiki for a holistic approach to well-being.

The spa’s unique Dark Sky Lounge, O2 Soaking Baths, and Outdoor Infrared Sauna further enhance the overall wellness journey.

Exclusive Nature Escape for Adults

Ambiente Sedona caters to older millennials with a taste for luxury and a deep respect for nature. The resort’s adults-only atmosphere and focus on couples provide a perfect blend of pampering and outdoor activities. The minimalist design of the atriums ensures an unintrusive presence, preserving the natural surroundings that guests come to admire.

Ambiente Sedona is not just a hotel; it’s a sanctuary for those seeking a retreat where luxury, nature, and sustainability converge. From the breathtaking views of Sedona’s red rocks to the culinary delights at Forty1 and the serene ambiance of Velvet Spa, every aspect of Ambiente Sedona is designed to elevate the senses and provide an exclusive escape into the heart of nature.

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