Extraordinary Leisure: Joya Spa at the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa

A day at the spa can be one of two things: ordinary or extraordinary.  The Joya Spa at the Omni Scottsdale Resort takes the word extraordinary and elevates it to the highest standard.  From the moment you walk in you are immersed in sights and smells that evoke emotions of comfort and home.  A day at the spa isn’t just simply a day at the spa, but yet it is an experience and a feeling.  The feeling of absolute tranquility and serenity; an experience where stress and burdens are washed away leaving you refreshed and revived.

Upon entering you’re greeted by the wafting scent of the fine aromas of signature products and by the smiling faces of the associates who guide you through your experience.  You’re guided up the grand spiral staircase, an analogy of your elevated experience, which takes you to a hidden oasis away from the demands of everyday life.  Your journey has only just begun.  Around the first corner, your coordinator instructs you to choose from a handful of finely polished stones each with a unique meaning to set your intention for the day.  Take the time to reflect and be present in the moment before moving on to the Joy of Purification where a large quartz crystal sits under a dome lit with 888 twinkling stars.  You’re recommended to place your hands upon the stone, take a deep inhale while remembering the intention you set for the day before exhaling everything that will stand in the way of that intention whether it be stress, negative emotions, or any other burdens you pick up throughout the day.

Once settled in your room and into the oversized, plush robe provided to you allow yourself to fully escape reality. Enjoy one or several unique treatments designed to alleviate life’s pressures and stresses.  Choose from the classics like the Joya Signature massage or try something new and unique with one of the homeopathic offerings. Allow your therapist to guide you through an out of body experience as you revel in the bliss of a Joya Massage.  After a full day of treatments escape to Joya Terrace, a hidden oasis atop the Joya Spa with panoramic views of picturesque Camelback Mountain.  Allow yourself to indulge with refreshing beverages and simple, yet refined dishes which reflect the healthy changes you’ve undergone throughout the day.

But your day doesn’t stop when your spa experience does… with a world-class restaurant, fitness opportunities, and luxury accommodations your journey to the Omni Montelucia has just begun.  Experience a four-course meal hand-crafted by the talented culinary team who make dining at Prado Restaurant an experience and not just a meal.  With servers and staff that dote on your every need and the finest wine selections, your evening out becomes an evening in.  Bask on the Prado patio under the stars as you watch the sun slowly slip behind the rocky forefront of Camelback Mountain, before heading back to your luxury accommodations to the only dream about another spa day this great.

For more information on Joya Spa at the Omni Scottsdale including hours, treatments, and availability please call (480) 627-3020.

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