Winch Design Applies Innovation and Craftsmanship Globally

In the world of luxury yacht design and beyond, Winch Design stands as touchstone for design innovation, craftsmanship, elegance and steadfast attention to detail. Established by Andrew Winch in 1986, along with his wife Jane, this London-based design studio has evolved into a global force, shaping the aesthetics of superyachts, private residences and aviation interiors.

Winch Design began with Andrew Winch’s passion for sailing and an innate understanding of the profound connection between design and experience. Andrew Winch brought his creative vision to life by founding the studio with the ambition to redefine luxury design in the maritime world. The early projects of Winch Design were centered around sailing yachts, where the team’s expertise in naval architecture and interior design began to shine. The studio quickly gained recognition for its ability to marry high-performance sailing capabilities with opulent, comfortable interiors, setting a new standard in luxury design.

A hallmark of a Winch-designed space is the meticulous, nay unconditional, attention to detail. Every element, whether it’s a custom-built piece of furniture, seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art technology, or specialty material, is chosen with intention and precision. This commitment to detail is what sets the studio apart, creating interiors that exude sophistication and craftsmanship. Winch prides itself on not having a signature style, but a diversity of solutions to differing design opportunities. Their work offers designs that range from timeless classics to modern elegance and glimpses into the future.

Winch’s portfolio has offerings for all the spaces we inhabit, be it the sea, on land or in the air. The studio’s yachts department has produced sailing yachts, day boats, motor yachts and superyachts. The architecture portfolio spans interiors, exteriors, chateaux, beach villas and mountain retreats and the aircraft offerings range from helicopters to the first-ever private Boeing 787/9 Dreamliner.


As the firm earned accolades for its work on sailing yachts, the studio expanded its portfolio to include motor yachts and superyachts. This expansion allowed the team to explore new horizons, both literally and figuratively, as they ventured into larger and more complex projects. The hallmark of Winch-designed superyachts lies in their distinctive exterior profiles and meticulously crafted interiors.


In 2019, Winch Design and Heesen Yachts introduced XVenture, a 57m explorer yacht renowned for its striking aesthetics and robust capabilities. Building upon that original platform and applying advancements in design and technology, the concept underwent a revitalization, resulting in the XV67 which debuted to rave reviews at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show. The XV67 features innovative design solutions, revised layouts and enhanced allure. Crafted to navigate remote and diverse destinations with utmost safety and luxurious comfort, the XV67 explorer yacht concept stays faithful to its initial purpose: to create an exceedingly capable and visually stunning bluewater vessel, encouraging owners to explore uncharted waters and capture attention wherever they sail. This rugged 219-foot (67-meters, hence the name) voyager with her muscular design, features five cabins that comfortably accommodate 12 guests. The XV67 caters to a burgeoning audience seeking experiential travel, luxury living and a spirit of adventure.

Cloud 9

In 2017, Winch Design collaborated with CRN Yachts to create the interiors of the Cloud 9. The CRN’s sole design directive was to ensure the interior was suitable for both charter and family use. The prominent design features, such as the vibrant blue juxtaposed with sandy tones, establish an elegant, pristine, yet daring aesthetic. The maritime motif is further emphasized through the incorporation of corals and shells, while the woodwork predominantly utilizes limed oak and brushed Douglas Fir. Since its launch, the Cloud 9 made a significant impact in the yachting realm. Spanning an impressive 243 feet, this superyacht epitomizes excellence in design, functionality and luxury. Boasting a sleek profile complemented by intricately-crafted superstructure details and the refined elegance of its guest areas, this superyacht epitomizes world-class luxury. The design includes eight cabins, a glass-bottom pool, jacuzzi, gym, spa/salon, outdoor cinema (don’t worry, there is an indoor one too, for rainy days), and a 4,500 square-foot master suite. The vault for “water toys” includes a 30-foot rigid inflatable landing craft, a ski boat, a catamaran and various and sundry stand-up and sit-down personal watercraft and gear. Its design concept harmoniously balances expansive interior and exterior spaces, fostering a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience in unparalleled onboard comfort.


Winch Design also brings its signature touch to land-based residences, creating bespoke living spaces that mirror the sophistication found in their maritime and aviation projects. The studio’s residential designs reflect a commitment to timeless elegance, ensuring that each project is a sanctuary of comfort and style.

The OWO Penthouse

Completed in 1901, the Old War Office (OWO) is one of London’s great Edwardian buildings nestled between the River Thames and St. James Square in Whitehall. The OWO was the architectural setting for Winch’s 2023 penthouse residence project. The OWO Penthouse draws upon their extensive expertise in crafting superyachts, private aircraft and residences for ultra-high net worth individuals. The design celebrates craftsmanship, artistry and The OWO’s rich historical and cultural significance. Collaborating with over forty renowned suppliers, Winch has meticulously curated bespoke furniture, fabrics, artwork and accessories for the five-bedroom penthouse. This collaboration resulted in a residence that exudes a sense of careful curation over time. Boasting amenities such as a private gym, sauna, cinema, game room, staff quarters and terraces offering panoramic views, The OWO Penthouse stands as truly unique.

The Wharf Marina & Spa Resort

Winch Design has completed its first-ever boutique resort on the island of Mahe, Seychelles. The Wharf Marina & Spa Resort boasts a private marina, allowing guests to arrive and dock directly at their destination. The boutique hotel accommodates a total of forty-four guests. Thirty-two guests can stay in the main villa, which includes two VIP suites, while an additional four guests can be accommodated in the Presidential Villa. Eight guests can enjoy the spa villas. This unique resort is set against the lush green mountains of Mahe, which serve as inspiration for the interior design’s textural references.

Aviation Interiors

The same principles of elegance and innovation that define Winch’s yacht interiors and residential spaces are applied to its aviation projects. The studio has crafted luxurious and personalized interiors for private jets, transforming the flying experience into a seamless extension of the owner’s lifestyle.


The Atlas Jet, an Airbus ACJ319 built in 2013, incorporates elements reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century circumnavigator’s club library: bookshelves lining the walls, sumptuous leather chairs and discreet concealed doorways leading to various sections of the aircraft. Drawing inspiration from the luxury associated with timeless English gentleman’s clubs, the design exudes Old World sophistication. To recreate this atmosphere, the design team at Winch drew inspiration from traditional hotel smoking rooms and sought ideas from renowned British brands. Their meticulous efforts aimed to evoke the comfort and ambiance of one’s own living room or cherished member’s club. Masculine accents abound, evident in details such as the leather flooring in the library, striking architectural features and the expansive double sliding doors in the lounge.


Winch Design’s aviation concept, named the Mayfair, draws inspiration from London’s most opulent hotels, blending classic Savile Row British elegance with a cosmopolitan flair. While benefiting from the efficiency of a pre-prepared design, the Mayfair retains all the characteristics of a bespoke VIP aircraft, tailored to each owner’s preferences in configuration, interior design and exterior livery. Internally, the aircraft boasts a sense of spaciousness, featuring a dynamic open-plan layout that enhances flexibility. For instance, a cinema area can easily transform into a second bedroom, while a dining table doubles as a meeting table, ensuring the Mayfair caters to both business and leisure travelers. Crafted with meticulous precision and attention to detail, the Mayfair exudes the opulence of the most luxurious apartment.

Winch Design’s journey from its launch to its current bearing as a global design force reflects a commitment to innovation, a passion for craftsmanship and an unwavering pursuit of timeless elegance. As Winch Design continues to evolve and shape the future of luxury design, the studio remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing new challenges and delivering unparalleled experiences to its clients. With a visionary founder at the helm and a crew of talented designers and architects, Winch Design will continue to be a lodestar in the world of design for years to come.