Blue Goes Green: The New Infinity 42 BluE Hybrid Superyacht

Image courtesy of Rossinavi

Hybrid yachts are gaining momentum, and Rossinavi’s Blue model is no exception. The Italian builder has announced that the 138.5-foot superyacht will come equipped with an eco-friendly navigation system and a hull that minimizes energy consumption. Crafted of ultra-lightweight aluminum, the polished exterior emits an undeniable cool factor.

In collaboration with Italian superyacht designer Fulvio de Simoni, the Infinity 42 BluE boasts one of the sleekest facades on the market. An impressive 27-foot beam shows off the hybrid’s vast interior with a volume of 400 GT. Its silvery hue leads the eye across a shimmery exterior and a prominent pointed bow. Most yacht enthusiast’s would agree, there’s nothing quite like it.

Of course, it can’t be environmentally conscious without some of the most notable inclusions. It has perfectly-placed solar panels and unparalleled electric capabilities. The yacht can take up to 90 percent of its journey in full electric mode and the remaining 10 percent in diesel. The result is a whisper-quiet experience that only adds to the satisfaction of your tranquil escape.

Image courtesy of Rossinavi

The yacht also has an expert artificial intelligence system that will monitor the boat’s performance and transfer necessary information to the captain and crew. It will keep track of its environmental impact and take action to minimize it. Yet another stress-free inclusion that will have everyone on board reveling in a moment of luxury.

Take a step inside to discover a handful of guest cabins on the lower deck and an owner’s suite on the main deck. As far as areas to take in the salty air, there are plenty to pick from. One of the yacht’s most exquisite amenities is the panoramic lounge located in the bow.  On the top deck, there’s a place to eat, drink, and sunbathe along with a relaxing jacuzzi to end the night.

Image courtesy of Rossinavi

At a glance, this seabound escape’s design might be its greatest asset, but knowing it’s good to the ocean, too gives it an upper hand to the competition. This luxe innovation might be placed in a category of its own.

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