Chris-Craft Celebrates 150th Anniversary At MIBS 2024

Tomorrow, Chris-Craft will unveil a new boat at the Miami International Boat Show in honor of its 150th anniversary. Chris-Craft representatives will be at MIBS every day this week, from February 14th to 18th. In addition, they brought their newest piece to showcase to the market, the anniversary edition of its Launch 27.

Chris-Craft’s Launch 27 anniversary edition honors the legacy of this beloved yachting brand. On top of the already-iconic Launch series design, this new one features a 150th burgee and a steering wheel cap. The trim is also distinguished by a signature aquamarine shade, harkening back to their signature colors. This year, Chris-Craft brings a next-generation luxury boat back to market.

Stephen Heese, president of Chris-Craft, will be speaking, along with Ron Berman, VP of engineering. Allison Scharnow, VP of marketing & customer experience at Chris-Craft will be attending as well. Their showcase will honor the past of the brand as well as embrace its future. They’ve recently expanded their manufacturing operations in Sarasota, Florida, in preparation for the next 150 years of business.

“Very few companies have the privilege of prospering long enough to celebrate a 150th anniversary,” said Stephen Heese, president. “Since 1874, our boats have been beloved andpassed down to generations of owners worldwide. While we are excited to celebrate this milestone, we are committed to furthering the legacy of Chris-Craft by continuing to invest in new technologies and designs that captivates boaters today and tomorrow.”


Chris-Craft’s 150th anniversary doesn’t end here! Throughout all of 2024, they will be celebrating Christ-Craft owners and dealers, giving special attention to its history and owner stories across generations. It is a luxury brand that has caught the eye of historical figures like Franklin D. Roosevelt, JFK and Frank Sinatra. Its timeless elegance has been depicted in many movies, including Mission: Impossible and On Golden Pond.

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