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Welcome to Grand-Craft, builders of handcrafted mahogany runabouts embodying the classic design and enduring spirit of the 20’s and 30’s. Grand-Craft boats are influenced by classic American designs and built with every modern convenience for superior performance.

We invite you to learn more about Grand-Craft, our passion, and the boats we make.

Our Mission is building the finest line of mahogany boats in the world.

Our Goal is customer satisfaction through the use of custom design, superior construction and state-of-the-art technology. The end result is handcrafted boats of excellence, integrity, speed, and performance that last for generations and require modest maintenance.

Our Commitment is to our customers by providing them with the best Grand-Craft for their stated needs in the addition to a positive working relationship, timely customer service and a written 5 year warranty for each boat.

Our Aim is to uphold the legend that is Grand-Craft: Builders of Fine Mahogany Runabouts – boats of timeless beauty and outstanding performance for the discriminating boater.


The mahogany runabout was born on the Great Lakes, nearly 80 years ago. Speed records were set and broken and set again by sleek, one-of-a-kind wonders that roared from the shore. Fifty cents bought you fifteen minutes of a thrilling speedboat ride. Intimate dinner parties for the privileged were held on the polished wooden decks of larger cruisers, while the sun set across a country full of hope. Such is the heritage of Grand-Craft, a company committed to preserving the first class design, craftsmanship and quality of such legendary names as Chris-Craft.

Since 1979, Grand-Craft has carried on the tradition of crafting one runabout at a time, be it destined for the narrow channels of Venice, the turquoise seas of the Caribbean or a variety of inland lakes and salt waters where discriminating boaters enjoy their leisure time.

Why Grand-Craft? Many clients recall summers “at the lake” with the thrill of grandad’s boat climbing up on plane. Others prefer original art to carbon copy, hand craftsmanship to cookie cutter form, and the warmth and pattern of wood to the distant feel of molded plastic. Still others insist on enjoying the best this world has to offer.

Quality. Performance. Captivating style. A grand entrance. A Grand-Craft.


Hands make this boat. Labor intensive from bow to stern, each Grand-Craft requires thousands of hours; a month or longer just in the finishing room. More craftsmanship and attention to detail per running foot than virtually any other watercraft made today. Yet even we will admit that our construction process is simply a means to an end: a beautiful wooden vessel, able to withstand season after season of thrilling performance. A striking and enjoyable addition to any investment portfolio. A Grand-Craft.

Mahogany Boat building is our passion. Grand-Craft melds state-of-the-art wood-working techniques with Old World craftsmanship; modern performance technologies with traditional styling. The result is a runabout that looks as if it was lifted from the pages of the Great Gatsby, yet is as dependable and maintenance-free as any contemporary watercraft.

Grand-Craft utilizes a special wood epoxy saturation process, arguably the best epoxy lamination system available. Not only does this technique bond multiple layers of wood for unsurpassed flexibility and strength, our process also makes the hull virtually impervious to any damaging effects of salt or freshwater; a watertight foundation for unsurpassed depth of image in the final finish.

In addition to protecting the wood, this saturation process eliminates the need for “soaking up” the hull, a task traditionally associated with wooden hulls. Grand-Crafts are ready for immediate use when launched.


ANNIE is a new 22 Grand Sport built in 2015. 

GRAND SPORT | The Most Versatile Runabout on the Water

Versatility never looked or felt so good. Our Grand Sport offers fun, style, and outstanding performance in one nimble runabout. Available in both 20 ft. and 22 ft. designs, the Grand Sport is perfect for water sport enthusiasts. The open cockpit design makes moving about easy, with added versatility for a wide range of social and sporting activities. Perfect for swimming and skiing, the Grand Sport features an integral swim platform for easy access in and out of the boat.

The shallow draft is ideal for smaller lakes, maneuvering to the favorite fishing spot, or beaching for a picnic. The boat’s sleek appeal is enhanced by a wide beam; handling is easy for a single person with or without company. Smaller in size, not in stature, the Grand Sport exhibits the same attention to detail of her more ample sisters, including rich woods and natural grain, and the smooth shock-absorbing ride known to Grand-Craft. Strength, beauty and unmatched craftsmanship are standard.


A new 24 Luxury Sport built in 2015

LUXURY SPORT | Comfort on the Water

Our Luxury Sport offers comfort, agility, and ample room for day boating with friends or family. Both the 24 ft. and 26 ft. are available with optional twin engines for impressive speed and maneuverability. Yet the looks remain elegant and contemporary, enhanced by a full compliment of amenities

The wide beam translates into ample cockpit room; four couples can sit comfortably in the two forward seating areas. A convertible top provides protection from the elements and creates a cozy conversation area. The plush bench seat across the stern welcomes additional guests and offers variety in seating when sun bathing or star gazing.

The Luxury Sport delivers confidence in the open water when handling rough conditions. Children and the fainthearted feel safer with the higher freeboard, yet still thrill to the Luxury Sport’s outstanding ride. Season after season, our epoxy saturation system upholds the unique balance of near-forgotten craftsmanship and beauty with the added benefit of low maintenance. Grand-Craft underscores the discriminating boaters’ desire to spend time enjoying their boat, not maintaining it.

From inland lakes to island hopping, the Luxury Sport is oceans apart from today’s mass produced boats in spirit and ride.


A 27 Classic built in 2014

CLASSICS | Reminiscent of the Design that Started it All

This is where it all began. Modeled from early 1930’s Christ-Craft designs, the Grand-Craft Triple Cockpit Classic is the epitome of the luxury and style associated with runabout boating.

Surrounded by the warmth and beauty of mahogany, plush upholstery, and gorgeous chromed hardware, boaters ride comfortably in cozy cockpits. The 24 ft. Classic is the shallower boat, although it offers a stable, soft ride. Water is within easy reach over the freeboard, and it’s easy to pull up along shore. The 27 ft. Classic has higher freeboard and can handle longer jaunts in open water, thanks to their heavier weight, slicing bow, modified “vee” hull and tapering stern.

The Classic embodies the spirit and grace of an earlier era when boats were aesthetic masterpieces of mahogany. The clean, uncluttered dash is complemented by a banjo style steering wheel, and features the renowned etched instrument cluster reminiscent of Chris-Craft. In fact, much of the hardware, including windshield stanchion, winged gas cap and deck vents are still produced by the same foundry that made the original Chris-Craft hardware more than 70 years ago. The Classics, from the elegant line of the flared bow to the tumblehome stern and authoritative rumble of the engines, will beckon you to challenge the waves with confidence.


A 36 Commuter

COMMUTER | First Class Travel

Step aboard an elegant water limousine. The Commuter is first class from bow to stern… sumptuous design easily adapted to ferrying passengers, entertaining guests, providing overnight or living accommodations, a floating office, or a personal yacht. Whether used by commerical operators offering stylish transportation reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, enjoyed by families for cruising in luxury, or simply being the most distinctive boat on the water, the Commuter has much to offer.

Customized conveniences such as galley, dinette, sleeping berths and sitting accomodations make these boats unique and comfortable. The generous beam afford roominess, while the broad hull assures a seaworthy ride.

Available in 32’, 34’, 36’, and 40’ hull designs, the Commuter provides a boating experience like no other. These seaworthy vessels, built to US Coast Guard Standards, can top 50 mph with twin engines. Agile on the open water, the Commuter maneuvers with adeptness and ease in close quarters and when docking. Heating, air conditioning, head facilities, as well as entertainment and advanced navigation systems are among the many options.

Power needs ranging from economical to sizzling are met by a variety of gasoline or diesel engine options. Bow thrusters, trim tabs, and separate helm for chauffeured limousines are all available.

Seaworthy, inviting, and accommodating, the Commuter may be the Grandest Craft of all.


A 42 Custom built in 2010

CUSTOM | Your Dream Boat Comes True

They’re known as a “one off,” a lofting in which there is only one boat made off the prints. Grand-Craft has custom designed and built numerous boats for discriminating individuals from around the world. Our design engineers, headed by president Jeff Cavanagh, will work closely with you in designing your Grand- Craft, which is yours alone in design, appointments and perfomance.

Grand-Craft utilizes CAD/CAE technology to create a visual, 3D model of your dream boat. That vision is then transferred into the capable hands of our craftsmen. From an extensive galley, berth and lounge areas, to a modified hull and top line, to special performance attributes, your custom boat project will assuredly meet with little competition on the world’s waterway, as there will not be any vessel quite like it.

Your Grand-Craft representative will be happy to discuss your personal project in greater detail.

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