Rebel 50 G Yacht: A Fusion of Comfort and Style on Sea

Per its namesake, the Rebel 50 G, represents its creator’s desire to rebel and create something new. Designer Christian Grande has offered us a special look at his upcoming 50-foot yacht from Sacs Technorib.

First, this creative journey takes us through a sweeping sundeck. The Rebel 50 G is alive with a “romantic soul” and an emphasis on leisure. Sweeping sliding glass doors on either side offer continuity between the ship and the sea. The open space provides the advantages of a cruising boat and comfort in bad weather.

Creator Christian Grande said, “This model, as the name implies, rebels against the classic ideas that want inflatable boats and open boats as entities with distinct souls,” explains Christian Grande. “The identity of the rib remains, but on board, we have recreated the large spaces typical of boats. To do this, I worked on the volumes, ‘playing’ with key elements such as the generous tube, which allowed us to raise the topsides, stretching the overall mass, thus generating unusual habitability on a 50-footer, while maintaining the safety features in maneuvering and mooring that the tube ensures.”

There are two rooming configurations available. The first, called Living, features a single large cabin midship. The bow extends into a living room with a table, long sofas, and a bar.

The other configuration has two cabins; a master cabin in the bow with a double bed, and a VIP cabin in the middle of the ship. Two beds slide out electronically and can combine into one queen-sized bed.

The exterior curves and understated stingray color scheme, with undertones of orange and sparkling blues, impress a refined grey-blue hue across the Rebel 50 G.

Interiors and countertops are furnished with sustainable Ceppo di Gre marble. The outside features shiny materials with side hull glazing.

The Rebel 50 G is designed to impress an intimate group of guests. The cockpit sofas have seats as deep as 60cm, creating a sense of maximum comfort. Every inch of the Rebel 50 G redefines maximum comfort to create a home away from home. This home cruises at 28 knots with a top speed of 36 knots. Stay tuned with Jetset Magazine for more information closer to the Rebel 50 G’s release.

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