The All-New Regal 50 SAV: A Day Boat Revolution in Luxury and Innovation

Welcome to the pinnacle of day boat innovation and luxury with Regal Boats’ flagship, the 50 SAV. From its expansive dimensions to revolutionary features like Dual GarmRests and Regal LivePower, discover the epitome of sophistication and versatility. Dive into the lavish world of the 50 SAV, where every detail is meticulously crafted for the ultimate on-water experience.

When designing the 50 SAV, Regal’s aim was to ensure that the flagship model embodied the pinnacle of technological innovation and convenience. They incorporated an unprecedented amount of tech.

Equipped with an array of advanced features such as GarmRests, Regal LivePower, Seakeeper 6 stabilization, FLIR night vision technology, Digital Switching, electronically adjustable seating, an outstanding sound system, and much more. GarmRests provide a personalized comfort for every passenger. Everything you need is at your fingertips at the helm.

Tailor your onboard experience with electronically adjustable seating providing personalized comfort for every passenger. The sleigh seating folds down seamlessly for an extra prep station when preparing the night’s meal. Rotate your seats facing aft to be able to watch the action with a push of a button.

The 50 SAV comes to life as a versatile powerhouse, perfectly crafted for a myriad of on-water activities. Whether you’re cruising through serene waters, casting a line for fishing, anchoring at the sandbar for a social gathering, or even diving into the depths of the ocean, the 50 SAV is designed to excel in every endeavor. It’s a boat that exceeds expectations, making it the go-to choice for boaters with a passion for various water activities.

The Regal 50 SAV has become the pinnacle of Regal’s flagship by utilizing engineering, innovation, and design. Whether you are into cruising, fishing, hanging out at the sandbar, entertaining, cooking, or diving, this is designed to do it all. Build your own today.