C SEED BLADE 262: The World’s Largest 4K Widescreen TV

When it comes to creating the ultimate in-home entertainment experience, no theater system is complete without the quintessential television at its core. Thanks to breakthroughs in modern technology, an array of options in both size and format are available to meet the needs of almost any entertainment media enthusiast. Yet for those whose taste for visual aesthetics and acoustic perfection simply can’t be met by a standard hi-def television, technology innovator C SEED has developed a cutting-edge solution guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning senses. The C SEED BLADE 262 offers a true movie theater experience from the comfort of your own living room. At a record-setting 262 inches wide, with an integrated 4K media server and six-speaker 9.1 cinema surround sound stereo system, this theater-sized LED TV is the premier option for the affluent movie buff. Couple that with the launch of C SEED’s new Supermarine outdoor TV and speaker setup and it’s easy to see why the company is leading the charge in large screen private entertainment systems.


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