Nassau Food Fest 2024: A Culinary Journey with Stars and Flavors

Nassau Paradise Island Wine & Food Festival (NPIWFF) is the largest yearly food festival in the Bahamas. Over the course of five days (March 13th-17th, 2024), Atlantis Bahama visitors can immerse themselves in Bahamian culture and cuisine, accompanied by some serious star power. This year’s guests include Wyclef Jean, Martha Stewart, Robert Irvine, Devan Mcphee, Corey Small, and Chef JJ Johnson. That’s to say nothing of the exclusive local talent that will be present, entertainers and culinary masterminds alike.

On the night of March 14th, guests can visit Tacos & Tequila with DJ Kim Lee. James Beard Award winner Andrew Zimmern will be there with her, sampling tacos for you. On March 16, at Paradise Harbor, experience a Jerk Jam with a special performance from Wyclef Jean. This event, taking place in Nassau, capital of The Bahamas, is an exclusive food and wine soirée.

This year’s NPIWFF is host to over 24 events, taking place over the course of 5 days. Some events charge extra for early admittance. Tacos and Tequila and A Taste of A Paradise both cost an extra $110 to get in a half hour early, skipping the rush and completely avoiding lines. Not only will you be first in line to get your food, but you will also get a more intimate behind the scenes look at the process.

Star power and edible arrangements aren’t the only things present in the Bahamas this March. Peruse the local restaurants and entertainment, including Mckenzie’s Conch Shack, nestled in the Marina Village, is at this year’s food festival. Enjoy fresh conch salad and daiquiris, a combination of citrus juice, fresh lime and sugar.

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While you’re there, try booking a Nassau Food and History Bus Tour, a journey around the region where you’ll get to experience even more of its culture and cuisine. The tour lasts for three hours and thirty minutes.

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