Luxury Meets Compassion: Aston Martin’s Chimp Art Exhibit

Explore the Aston Martin’s Chimp Art Exhibit

The Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery, in a pioneering move, partners with Save The Chimps for its newest virtual exhibition series, showcasing “Interspecies,” a unique fusion of art and sanctuary. This collaboration marks the first charitable venture of its kind for the luxury Miami-based residences, with the exhibit offering a 45-day immersive 3D experience that mirrors the gallery’s upcoming physical space on the 52nd floor.

Save The Chimps, headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida, stands as a beacon for chimpanzee welfare, providing a safe haven for individuals rescued from research, the pet trade, and entertainment. This exhibit brings their mission to the forefront of the art world.

The exhibition features a vibrant interaction between The B-52s band members—Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider, and Cindy Wilson—and the chimpanzee artists from the sanctuary. Together, they create a series of acrylic-on-canvas paintings, with each artwork reflecting the band’s dynamic album artwork and named after their iconic songs.

Karen Bystedt’s contributions of “Lost Warhols” originals offer a canvas for the chimps’ artistic expressions, blending iconic imagery with primal creativity. The exhibition also includes a collection of paintings set against chrome backgrounds, where the chimpanzee artists’ strokes bring to life the legacy of Aston Martin, each piece named after the automaker’s legendary models.

Dan Mathews, Director of Events at Save The Chimps, shares the excitement surrounding the exhibition’s impact and its role in promoting the sanctuary’s mission through partnerships like the recent one with The B-52s at major art fairs, including Spectrum Miami.

Anticipation builds for the next art fair at Artexpo New York, where Save The Chimps will reveal their latest celebrity artist collaboration. A special artwork inspired by the Aston Martin Residences’ architectural elegance and its tropical locale will also join the Residences’ permanent collection, showcasing the unique talents of the sanctuary’s chimpanzee artists.

The “Interspecies” exhibit at the Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery invites viewers into a world where luxury meets conservation, available for viewing in a state-of-the-art 3D virtual gallery experience.

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