Battista Reversario: Pininfarina’s New Masterpiece Unveiled

In a stunning display of unmatched craftsmanship and sublime aesthetics, Automobili Pininfarina has unveiled the Battista Reversario, its most exclusive creation to date. Inspired by the celebrated Battista Anniversario, this unique vehicle captures the essence of balance and heritage in automotive design, embodied in a one-of-a-kind hyper GT.

Emerging from the esteemed atelier in Cambiano, every vehicle by Automobili Pininfarina is a unique expression of the client’s personality, with the Battista Reversario setting the benchmark for personalization and exclusivity. Created in collaboration with the client, this vehicle is a testament to bespoke automotive craftsmanship, destined never to be replicated.

Reflecting the design philosophy of its predecessor, the Reversario boasts a striking color scheme that serves as the inverse of the unique Pininfarina heritage-inspired theme of the Anniversario. The lower body shines in Bianco Sestriere gloss, while the upper body contrasts in Grigio Antonelliano gloss, with the upper stripe in signature Iconica Blu pinstripes, bringing a visually captivating design to the fore.

Enhancing its unique appeal, the Reversario features bespoke inscriptions, elegantly placed on the carbon side wings and the underside of the active rear wing. These inscriptions are displayed both forward and in reflection, adding layers of intrigue and sophistication to its design.

Inside, the cabin continues the external theme with Pilota seats adorned in white Alcantara quilting against a perforated Iconica Blu background. The predominantly black interior is accented with blue touches across the bespoke chassis plate, cupholder retainer, headliner center bezel, and seatbelts, creating a consistent and luxurious aesthetic experience throughout the vehicle.

Further cementing its status as a lifestyle icon, the Reversario comes complete with an exclusive three-piece luggage set that mirrors the vehicle’s elegance. The set includes a briefcase, weekend holdall, and suit bag, all finished in black leather with Iconica Blu detailing and off-white Alcantara quilt, perfectly complementing the owner’s lifestyle.

The owner of the Reversario, who also owns the fifth of the limited five Battista Anniversario models, shared their thoughts on the creation process: “Anniversario and Reversario were destined to be created by the Automobili Pininfarina team. This twin creation represents a perfect union of legacy and modernity, a testament to following one’s heart and passion in the pursuit of perfection.”

Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer at Automobili Pininfarina, praised the vehicle’s design, saying, “The Reversario reflects its predecessor in every aspect, using a timeless combination of colors to create a masterpiece that stands both alone and in complement to the Anniversario. It is the epitome of our ‘Dream Cars. Made Real.’ philosophy.”

The Battista Reversario, like the Anniversario, represents the pinnacle of Italian automotive engineering, combining a high-capacity 120 kWh lithium-ion battery, four independent high-performance electric motors, and cutting-edge technology to deliver unprecedented power and performance. With its dynamic range of driving modes and luxurious interior, the Reversario redefines the boundaries of the hypercar segment, maintaining Automobili Pininfarina’s legacy as one of the most revered names in car design.

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