Electrifying Legacy: Curtiss’s 120-Year Journey Culminates in ‘The 1’

120 years ago, Glenn Hammond Curtiss began crafting the iconic all-American v-twin motorcycle. Fast forward to today, and the legacy roars on, albeit with a silent electric hum. Curtiss Motorcycle Co., a torchbearer of sustainable luxury, introduces The 1 – their magnum opus and a love letter to the future-forward motorcycle enthusiasts.

Blazing a trail in electric luxury motoring, The 1 isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a revolution. From its groundbreaking design, built with a unique symmetrical architecture, to its aerospace-grade materials, this machine beckons riders to a world where balance, precision, and thrill meld seamlessly. Moreover, for those enthusiasts with an appetite for ingenuity, Curtiss has achieved a patent for its symmetrical Axis-Centered Design, ensuring The 1 isn’t just an eye-catcher—it’s a game-changer.

But what’s a celebration without an invitation to join the party? Curtiss now paves the way for investors to ride alongside them, opening a gateway for the public to be a part of the brand’s electric dreamscape. While many compare Curtiss to Tesla for their shared vision in sustainable luxury, this comparison only scratches the surface. Curtiss stands out as the only dedicated luxury brand in the electric motorcycle space, armed with technological prowess and a keen design advantage.

CEO Matt Chambers beams with pride and excitement, “This is more than just our latest offering; it’s a nod to our roots, a testament to our journey, and a peek into an electrifying future. The road ahead is electrified, and we are here to lead it.”

Limited to a special edition of 120 motorcycles, The 1 celebrates not just an anniversary but the dawn of a new era in motorcycle craftsmanship. At a commanding price point of $120,000 USD, the passionate can stake their claim on this modern marvel, proving that while history is to be honored, the future is to be embraced.

For those who appreciate engineering marvels and see motorcycles as more than just machines, The 1 and its seven industry “firsts” beckon. From its mesmerizing construction to its battery brilliance, every detail has been curated for an unmatched riding experience.

And as Curtiss propels into the future, it carries with it a century-long legacy, channeling the spirit of innovation and passion that began with Glenn and now resonates with every turn of The 1’s wheels. The journey from the v-twin to an electric masterpiece is not just a testament to Curtiss’s resilience but a nod to every enthusiast who believes that the ride is as vital as the destination.

Discover more about this journey and the investment opportunity at Curtiss Motorcycle Co. where the legacy meets the future, one ride at a time.

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