Rolls-Royce Wraith: The Ultimate Gentleman’s Gran Turismo

Rolls Royce

In launching Wraith, Rolls-Royce presents the boldest design, the most dramatic performance and most powerful Rolls-Royce that has ever played host to the famous Spirit of Ecstasy figurine.

Like a world-class athlete poised at the starting blocks, Wraith presents a picture of anticipation and quickens the pulse when viewed for the first time. Without overstatement, there is drama and an immediate sense of refined power expressed by its bold fastback design. Wraith exudes effortless style and beauty … derived through elegant simplicity. A high waistline combined with low roof line and raked cabin accelerate the eye rearwards, while tension in its surfaces suggests a car set to move – quickly, if necessary.

In terms of sheer presence, Wraith is clearly cut from the same luxurious cloth as today’s Phantom and Ghost models. Yet it displays cues that can be traced through past generations – effortless poise with accentuated rear overhang, elegant coach doors, and, of course, the Spirit of Ecstasy adorning the grille.

But this is a very different model to those of the last century – and it stands alone among Rolls-Royce models today. A wider rear track, longer bonnet, raked glass house and deeply recessed pantheon grille unite in presenting a truly focused car, a Rolls-Royce with its own unique character.

The traditional pantheon grille design has further evolved with Wraith. The cue here is that of a more functionally-derived air intake, not unlike that of a jet turbine, giving greater expression to the car’s dynamic promise. The grille itself is recessed by 45mm compared with Rolls-Royce Ghost. The surround has also been lengthened by 40mm while the bumper has been designed to incorporate the number plate surround with a focused lower air dam.

Gentle evolution is also a theme of the 102-year-old Spirit of Ecstasy figurine. Positioned further forward on the grille and angled by five degrees, her eager position draws the eye up and along the bonnet, helping define the development of three harmonious lines: the waftability line, waist line and roof line.

In side view, it is the fastback that most clearly sets this latest Rolls-Royce design apart from its thoroughbred stable mates. There is a dramatic combination of linear tension and expressive line that bestows Wraith with such an elegant yet uniquely powerful character.

Wraith’s coach doors open to present an inviting, harmonious interior space – one with every possible comfort, delivered in a thoroughly modern way. The eye is immediately drawn to the contemporary paneling that elegantly adorns the inside of the doors and sweeps round the entire lower space. Finished in either wood or leather, the effect draws the eye quickly around the cabin, similar in dynamic effect to the clean fastback style of the exterior.

Wraith develops 624 bhp from a 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12, an engine that features direct petrol injection to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions. Should they wish to take advantage of the extraordinary power at their disposal, drivers may choose to be propelled from rest to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and on to an electronically-governed top speed of 155 mph.



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