HFactor Reinvents Water: The Healing Benefits of Boosted Hydrogen

As a Jetset reader you probably spend hundreds of thousands each year on the finest cuisine, wine, and spirits. You pride yourself in putting only the finest available consumables in your body. But odds are you are still overlooking the quality of the single most important thing that we as human beings consume: water. Now perhaps you’re thinking to yourself: “Aside from taste, isn’t all bottled water pretty much the same?” Well that common assumption was basically true…until now.

Founded in 2013, HFactor is the first water of its kind and the company is ramping up as it continues to make significant waves across many different communities. And depending on your personal circumstances (home, work, and lifestyle choices), there are numerous potential ways that hydrogen-rich water can enhance your health and wellness.

Made in the USA, HFactor is packed with antioxidants and a patented “extra kick” of hydrogen. This cutting-edge product was developed by a potent team of talented individuals with backgrounds in professional sports, global marketing, and regulatory health.

The many health, wellness, and fitness advantages of molecular hydrogen have been documented by studies in scientific journals worldwide. However, the individuals that are responding to this breakthrough speak in more definitive terms. Users across many walks of life have reported improved athletic performance and recovery; boosted energy levels; diminishment of the effects of jet lag, hangovers, invasive medical treatments, and other body stressors; alleviation of allergies; improvement of circulation, and the list goes on.

All water —bottled or tap — consists of two hydrogen atoms bound to oxygen (H2O). The hydrogen is tightly bound to an oxygen atom and is unavailable as an independent molecule. The magic of HFactor is that it delivers molecular hydrogen gas (H2) into pure water to create active, diatomic hydrogen molecules that are accessible and available instantly to circulate throughout the body and deliver a wide array of health benefits. The efficacy of the hydrogen water is then safeguarded in HFactor’s proprietary pouch until the moment it is consumed.

So it turns out there is a better bottle of water available to those in the know, but HFactor is more than a functional water, it is truly a movement designed to change the way we think and drink — it’s water re-imagined.

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