HKS Launches ROAM Interior Design Group

Earlier this month, the group formerly known as HKS Hospitality Interiors launched ROAM, a new independent luxury design firm. Innovators Mary Alice Palmer and Olga Acosta lead the charge towards a well-designed future. ROAM operates in Dallas, Texas and London, England for now, with plans and potential for growth out of those regions.

Speaking on the new venture, Mary Alice Palmer stated, “We look forward to continued collaboration with HKS, pushing each other’s project boundaries through innovation and curiosity to achieve extraordinary results for our clients, while allowing ROAM to freely compete and establish its own identity within the highly specialized industry.”

To begin such an endeavor in a well-established space is no easy feat. However, ROAM isn’t content to simply join the luxury space. They want to refocus on the intimacy larger firms have lost and redefine what’s possible in the luxury space. This is the key to client retention and truly one-of-a-kind designs. Because of their size, ROAM can work directly with global brands, owners, operators, and developers. In addition, they will continue to partner with HKS on certain projects.

On top of that, they’re already making a name for themselves. Some of their projects include Esperanza Auberge Resorts Collection in Cabo San Lucas, AMAALA Triple Bay Yacht Club in Saudi Arabia, and the W Bellevue Hotel in Washington State. Creating such an extensive portfolio in no time at all is no small feat, and the design team at ROAM brings all of their their experience with them.

The primary objective of each and every design is to make it as personal as possible. Altogether, they maximize the time spent with each client to ensure greater creative cohesion.

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